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Discover children's water shoes for sports

Summer is a great time to allow your children to enjoy a multitude of water activities. Indeed, the seaside or the edge of a swimming pool are your children's favorite places to have fun, but for this to be done in complete safety, you will have to choose suitable shoe models.

The range of beach shoes is very wide for children, you can choose mules, sneakers, flip flops, espadrilles, sandals and bare feet, flip flop, etc. All the shoes mentioned are perfect for going to the beach, but they are not suitable for water activities, for this you will need water shoes or aquashoes. There are water shoes for men, for women, for baby-boys and for baby-girls. In this article, let's find out how to choose aquashoes for your child, whatever their age.

What are children's water shoes?

Traditional children's flat shoes for the beach are not suitable for water activities. On the other hand, water shoes are specially designed for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or simply walking by a swimming pool or by the sea in complete safety without the risk of slipping.

Aquashoes have light soles, but they are still rigid and flexible to follow the movements of your baby's or child's feet. They are generally made of a solid synthetic fabric, they provide good support for the foot and can be closed with laces, Velcro, or even a flange, in order to maintain the ankle and the arch of the foot.

water shoes are not at all waterproof, on the contrary, they allow water to pass through to ensure good drainage and quick drying.

Why should your child absolutely have water shoes?

Kids love to be barefoot at the beach, but it can be dangerous as they may end up with sea urchin spines, shell shards or broken glass between their toes . To avoid this, the sole of water shoes is quite rigid and will protect your child's little toes.

Aquashoes are a must have for the summer, your child will definitely need a pair. Although they are not walking shoes, they are very comfortable and support your child's ankle to prevent them from hurting their feet. These shoes also have a non-slip sole, this avoids small incidents of slipping at the edge of the swimming pool or on the rocks.

Finally, there are several models of water shoes for girls and boys, you will be spoiled for choice. These shoes can be very stylish and can be paired with almost anything.

Choosing the right water shoes for kids

There are several brands of water shoes and several models. If you want to buy a new pair of aquashoes for your child or baby in order to enhance their feet and guarantee their safety, we present some important criteria to take into account.

Girl or boy?

Usually, aquashoes are unisex shoes. Nevertheless, there are models more suitable for girls and others more suitable for boys.

You can even look for models with your children's favorite cartoon heroes to make them happy, and above all to encourage them to wear their shoes during all water activities.

The age of the child

Water shoe sizes vary by age. Choose aquashoes adapted to the age, but especially to the shoe size of your child. To make your choice, use our size guides.

Also, take into account the shoe closure system, for children who wish to become independent and put on their shoes alone, prefer a Velcro closure system.


Of course, the model of shoes chosen must be comfortable in order to allow your child to do all the activities quietly. Be sure to choose a flexible sole that perfectly matches the curvature of the foot.

The price of water shoes

To find shoes at low prices, it is best to make several comparisons, but be careful, not all models are created equal.

Which model of water shoes to choose in the spring-summer collection for the beach?

Aquashoes look a lot like walking shoes or running shoes, but wearing them all the time is not recommended, as the synthetic material they are made of may deteriorate. If you plan to walk with your child for a long time before reaching the beach, we recommend that you choose beach shoes that make walking easier.

You can choose flat and comfortable leather sandals, barefoot sandals, trainers or running shoes, and any other comfortable summer shoes for your child. However, avoid closed shoes that are not breathable such as ballet flats or dress shoes, unless you have a special occasion or a party by the water.

What to put on your child with aquashoes

First of all, you should know that aquashoes are generally low shoes, you can add water socks for maximum protection.

For children, especially young children, it is recommended to opt for light-colored clothing that protects against UV rays. You can put your baby in a jumpsuit or a t-shirt with UV filter tights. For babies, opt for very covering clothes and don't forget to put a hat on them.

For girls, it is possible to combine aquashoes with a skirt and a top with ethnic type prints. As for colors, go for summer colors like pink, purple, yellow, etc. For a better association, opt for aquashoes with simple lacing or velcro scratches. You can add some fashion accessories for a glamorous look. For boys, it is possible to opt for floral shorts, a simple t-shirt and aquashoes in sober colors or not!

There is a wide range of Children's water shoes available for various activities in and around water. In addition to protecting their little feet, which remains our priority, Children's water shoes have several advantages such as durability and a choice of looks for all tastes, from children to teenagers.

Water games and water activities put your kids' feet to the test. Offer them the best to protect them. Our Children's water shoes for sport and intense leisure offer complete protection for all ages so that they will be comfortable in shoes but also and above all happy to wear them! Many attractive styles to appeal to all children. Find some of the designs in our Best Sellers Aquashoes.