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(Re)Discover the plastic shoe!

Generally, when going to the beach, many people opt for simple shoes like flip flops, flip flops, mules, clogs, sandals and bare feet, and even crocs. Some people prefer closed shoes like espadrilles, sneakers, derbies, etc. Nevertheless, all these shoes are quite fragile, even if they are made of leather, because they should not get wet.

If you are looking for a model of shoe that can be perfectly suitable for going in the water and for walking on the sand, why not opt ​​for plastic shoes? These are lightweight shoes for men, for women, and even for baby-girls and baby-boys. In this article, discover our complete guide to choosing the right plastic shoes and learning how to associate them with an outfit.

What are plastic shoes?

Plastic sandals have always been very popular on the beach, because they are very practical. As the name suggests, these are shoes made of plastic or rubber that can be used to walk on sand or rocks without fear of foot pain.

The shoe is entirely made of plastic, but has synthetic soles to ensure maximum comfort. Generally, it has a strap that allows it to hold the ankle well and hold the foot. It is possible to find other models that close with a scratch or lace system.

Plastic shoes can be used for walking on sand with peace of mind due to their lightness, but also for different water activities. If you plan to swim with your shoes on and want maximum safety, we strongly recommend that you choose models with non-slip soles, especially for your children. In this way, you avoid ending up with injuries between the toes due to sharp objects dragging on the sand, and you are protected from slips and falls which can be dangerous.

How to choose the right plastic shoes

Today it is possible to find many models of plastic shoes with different and original designs. In order to make the best possible choice and to be glamorous at the beach, it is important to base yourself on certain parameters to choose well. We will discuss some of them.

Man or Woman

Of course, women's plastic shoes are different from men's. For example, for a woman, it is possible to find models with certain details such as rhinestones, sequins, and even small heels. On the other hand, the models intended for men are much more sober and have a more masculine design that resembles that of barefoot for men.

Age and height

Consider your age or who you are buying the plastic shoes for. For example, the size will be different for a baby, a child, a teenager and an adult. Even patterns vary greatly depending on age. For example, it is recommended to choose a model with an easy closure so that your child can put it on alone.

Shoe size is also a very important parameter to take into account. Indeed, your plastic shoe must be the right size, do not hesitate to refer to the size guides, because the sizes vary according to the brands of shoes.

Comfort and design

When we talk about plastic shoes, we imagine the shoes of your childhood. However, current models have a prettier design and guarantee maximum comfort.

For women or men, favor comfort with models with a flexible insole that does not hurt your feet. For your children, opt for models ensuring good foot and arch support, opt for a model with strap or with lacing system.

The price of the plastic shoe

Finally, don't forget to consider prices and compare between different shoe stores in order to find the perfect pair of shoes at low prices.

If you're buying plastic shoes for the whole family, we strongly recommend that you wait for sales before shopping.

What beach shoes to wear?

There are different designs of plastic shoes for the beach, you can go for basic plastic sandals or much more elaborate plastic shoe designs. Be that as it may, know that the choice is made according to gender and age.

Which beach shoes for women?

There are a multitude of stylish plastic shoe models that reveal your femininity. For a glamorous and casual look at the same time, opt for peep toe plastic sandals with a small heel. You can also opt for a classic model with braided straps to wear with a little skirt and a t-shirt with colorful prints. In terms of shoe colors, you can opt for gold, silver, coral, fuchsia, or a darker tone such as navy blue.

Which beach shoes for men?

For men, it is possible to opt for plastic shoes such as flip flop, flip flops, or crocs. You can even opt for plastic sandals or barefoot sandals to wear with your beach shorts and an ethnic shirt or a short-sleeved t-shirt.

Which beach shoes for children and babies?

For your children, opt for plastic shoes such as sandals that close and provide good ankle support. If the shoes aren't closed enough, you can add water socks and slippers that will keep your children's feet, especially toddlers, warm. On the clothing side, opt for something covering like combinations and anti-UV leggings.

In this modern world where everyone is always on the lookout for what's hot or not, it can be hard to keep up with the trends! But fear not because we have an answer: timeless and updated to stay on trend, this collection offers a return to the origins of the water shoe. Simple yet effective plastic sandals for all occasions that can be easily worn by everyone! Find some of the styles in our Best Sellers Aquashoes.