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Discover women's water shoes for sport

To go to the beach, swim in the pool, or practice certain aquatic activities such as kayaking or paddleboarding, it is recommended to have suitable shoes.

It is possible to put women's shoes such as thongs, mules, ballerinas, crocs, clogs, sneakers, converse, ballerinas, flat sandals, etc. Nevertheless, these shoes are not suitable for water activities, as they are not waterproof. For these activities, you will need water shoes or water shoes that are perfectly adapted. In this article, discover how to choose and how to wear your aquashoes for the beach.

What are water shoes?

Water shoes are not specifically women's shoes for the beach. These are shoes that are made to be used around water and especially in water.

Aquatic shoes are specially designed to be water resistant and not to be damaged on contact with it, even if it is sea water or water containing salt. chlorine. They are made of a stiff yet flexible rubber sole that provides excellent grip and are wrapped in fabrics.

Contrary to what one might think, water shoes are not waterproof. In other words, if you go into the water with aquashoes, your feet will still get wet. Nevertheless, they do not weigh you down, as they can drain very empty water and dry in record time.

In summary, even if you opt for sports shoes or sneakers from major brands such as for your aquatic activities, you will not have the same result as with water shoes. 'water.

What are water shoes for?

The primary function of water shoes is to enable you to perform activities in and around water safely. Indeed, the latter have grippy soles that prevent you from slipping when walking around a pool and on rocks. They guarantee good foot support, especially if you opt for scratch or lace-up models that prevent ankle sprains.

Water shoes consist of a thick sole that prevents your feet from hurting if you step on something. Many people use them to swim at beaches that do not contain sand, they avoid ending up with sea urchin spines between their toes.

These are good shoes for all types of activities: kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, etc. If you plan to wear fins, we recommend that you opt for water socks to avoid irritation.

How to choose the right water shoes for women?

There is a wide collection of water shoes, several models are available today on the market. You will have the choice among a large selection, which is why we recommend that you take certain criteria into account in order to make the best possible choice.

The shoe size

First, make sure you know how much you wear, as water shoes need to fit snugly to your foot to ensure proper support. They must be the right size in order to put them on without too much difficulty and so that they stay in place when they become waterlogged.


Women's water shoes are generally quite comfortable. Nevertheless, it is recommended to take a good look at the model you are about to buy, make sure that it is breathable and that it provides good water drainage. The sole must be rigid, flexible and above all light to allow you to walk.

The price

Whether you go to a physical shoe store or buy online, be sure to compare prices so you can buy shoes at a low price. You can also wait for the sales period to benefit from water shoes at low prices.

Choosing models of shoes for the beach

It is absolutely possible to walk with aquashoes, as they support the ankle and the arch of the foot. However, these are not walking shoes, you risk damaging them. Although you could say that walking with aquashoes is similar to walking with light hiking shoes, they are not as resistant.

We recommend that you take your water shoes in your bag and put them on once you arrive at the beach, before doing the activities. Before that, we recommend that you opt for women's shoes.

There are many women's shoes for the beach in the spring-summer collection. You can absolutely choose the model that best suits your style and your needs. So, you can opt for slides, flip flops, flip flops, sneakers, leather sandals, Spartans, etc. We recommend that you choose solid construction materials so that your summer shoes are resistant and durable, avoid suede, velvet, nubuck and all other materials that do not support water. The collection of beach shoes is quite large, you can even afford high heels if you wish, but we still recommend that you avoid shoes with stiletto heels and prefer wedge sandals which are the women's shoes. summer par excellence.

How to dress with water shoes at the beach?

Some models of aquashoes for women are very elegant and look like sneakers, they can be worn with everything. You can wear them with a skirt, beach dress, jeans, shorts, etc. For the top, you can choose printed tops or simple blouses. You can be chic with your water shoes, but you can also replace them with wedge sandals or leather ballet flats while waiting to arrive at the edge of the water.

Note that aquashoes are not suitable for all occasions, for an evening by the water for example, opt for dress shoes or pumps to wear with a pretty black dress.

Women's water shoes have evolved significantly over time. From the heavy and uncomfortable models of a few years ago to the lightweight and trendy models of today, the Women's water shoes offer water drainage, robustness and rock-solid grip. Plus, our range features Women's Water Shoes that are more comfortable than ever!

Canoeing, canyoning, kayaking, surfing, water hiking, coast-to-coast, etc. ! All those water activities put a lot of strain on your female feet. What are you waiting for to equip yourself? Give your feet comfort, style and safety to fully enjoy your water sport. Find some of the women's styles in our best sellers Aquashoes.