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Discover children's beach shoes

Kids love going to the beach, whether it's swimming or just playing on the sand. If you have children and you regularly go to the beach, you have surely noticed that they love being barefoot. However, this is not recommended, especially from the point of view of their physical integrity, it will be necessary to choose beach shoes suitable for your child.

There are many models of children's shoes: flip-flops, sandals, trainers, ballet flats, derbies... The choice becomes almost impossible. In this article, discover our guide to choosing shoes from the new spring-summer collection for your children.

Why is it important to have special children's shoes for the beach?

Children, whatever their age, must have shoes suitable for the beach in order to avoid certain inconveniences.

First of all, walking on sand or pebbles leads to a loss of balance for your children of walking age. This is why it will be necessary to choose shoes that ensure the maintenance of the foot in a correct way. This will prevent ankle sprains and other painful sores.

Also, it is important to have good shoes with a thick enough sole to keep your children's toes protected. Indeed, you do not know what can lie on the sand, your toddler risks hurting his feet by stepping on a piece of glass or on a shell for example.

It is also recommended to put your baby in closed shoes such as slippers in order to protect him from UV rays.

How to choose a collection of beach shoes for your child?

Want to pick up some new shoes to expand their summer shoe collection? We help you choose a pair of shoes suitable for your child, taking into account certain criteria. We'll help you choose the best possible shoes for girls and boys.

The sex and age of the child

First of all, age is the first thing to consider before buying pairs of summer shoes. Indeed, depending on the age, your child will have different needs. For example, a baby will need beach shoes just to protect his feet from U. v. On the other hand, a child will need something that supports his foot.

Also, the choice will depend on the sex of your child. Even though some models are unisex, there are some differences on others.


Choosing comfortable shoes for children is essential. It is recommended to opt for a model with a comfortable sole. Indeed, the soles must be thick, flexible and light at the same time so as not to weigh down your child's foot and to ensure good support.

Also, make sure that the model chosen is the right size and that it is easy to put on. Indeed, from a certain age, children like to put on their shoes alone.


It is essential to choose a very resistant children's shoe. Indeed, children of walking age love to have fun, it is important to choose a resistant material. We recommend avoiding suede, nubuck and velvet. Instead, prefer leather sandals or rubber taps and flip flops.

The brand

It is important to choose reputable shoe brands to ensure quality. For example, you can opt for Nike, Puma, or Adidas shoes if you decide to opt for sneakers for your child.

The price

Buying shoes for your baby or child at a low price is possible. For this, we recommend that you make sure to compare the different products of the brands to find inexpensive shoes.

Which models of children's shoes to choose?

To be at the forefront of fashion and for your child to be comfortable on the beach, it is recommended to opt for a suitable shoe model. We offer you some models that you can choose for your child.

Boys shoes

In the boy's shoes category, you can opt for flip-flops, barefoot sandals, closed-toe shoes such as sneakers or espadrilles, or high-top Converse shoes.

For a pebbly beach, be sure to choose models that provide good support, avoid shoes that are too low and prefer hiking boots, especially if you plan to walk a lot with your child.

Girls' shoes

In the girl's shoes category, several shoes are available to you. You can choose sandals, elegant ballerinas, mules, flip flops, gladiators, etc.

Shoes for toddlers

For a baby, it is recommended to opt for high shoes that cover the entire foot to avoid sunburn. Don't forget to also buy shoes suitable for small baby feet.

When it comes to a baby girl, some moms like to choose matching shoes with their own.

What outfit to go with children's beach shoes?

It is recommended to opt for covering clothes for your children at the beach, whatever their age. Opt for short-sleeved t-shirts in light colors, covering tights and suitable shoes.

For a little girl, you can opt for beach dresses to wear with flat sandals and leather goods appropriate for her age.

As for the choice of colors, you can opt for summer colors such as orange, turquoise, or opt for multicolored prints. You can also add fashion accessories to your child's outfits.

What to wear in winter at the beach?

Every season has the right clothes, if you take your child to the beach in the winter, put on winter pants or warm jeans with plastic boots or leather ankle boots. Do not hesitate to put a warm winter jacket with a lining and fur to keep him warm.

Children's beach shoes are absolutely essential for any child who spends time near the water. They offer protection and comfort to your child.

Playing in the sand or in the water, chasing on the sand or discovering seashells, you will undoubtedly find happiness for your child among our Children's beach shoes! The best beach shoes for your child are here! Discover a wide variety of models and colors. Find some of the designs in our Best Sellers Aquashoes.