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Discover women's beach shoes

To be at the forefront of fashion, it is important to choose the right shoes for every occasion. For example, it is recommended to choose summer shoes for the beach to associate with a pretty outfit in order to be glamorous.

It's completely normal to have trouble choosing how to dress for the summer season. To help you, discover our complete guide to help you choose women's shoes to wear at the beach.

Why opt for women's beach shoes?

First of all, it is important to have suitable shoes for the beach if you want to stay in the summer spirit.

Also, you should know that walking on sand is particularly unpleasant when you don't have the right shoes. For example, shoes with stiletto heels are not suitable for walking on the sand and are certainly not comfortable for the beach. Indeed, by putting on pumps at the beach, not only will you not feel comfortable, but you also risk greatly damaging it.

So, in order not to have sore feet and to be glamorous at the beach, you have to keep in mind that not all shoes are suitable. It will be necessary to provide a collection of comfortable shoes for the beach.

How to choose a model of women's shoes for the beach?

Choosing a pair of shoes from the spring-summer collection for the beach is not really complicated. For this, you will simply have to base yourself on a few criteria.

The comfort of the shoe

First of all, it is important to know if the pairs of shoes you have chosen are comfortable. Your pair will also need to provide good foot support to avoid inconvenience.


Choosing summer shoes for the beach also depends on your clothing style.

For example, women who like to be laid back on the beach can opt for a pair of flip flops, flip flops, or crocs. For women who wish to have a dressier style, it is possible to put on wedge heels or even ballet flats or pretty sandals. There are many original combinations that you can try.


Some materials should be avoided on the beach, as they can be damaged by salt. For example, avoid velvet, nubuck, suede and imitation leather.

Shoes for women for the beach must be made of fairly resistant materials, you can opt for leather sandals, for example.

The heel

Choosing the heels as well as its height will be done according to your preferences. Some people prefer flat shoes, while others will opt for high-heeled models. The best option to avoid ankle injuries is to opt for a wedge heel. Indeed, shoes with wedge heels are elegant and provide support for the foot and ankle. It is also possible to opt for a square heel which is less restrictive than stiletto heels.

The best models of shoes for women to wear on the beach

Keep in mind that no one model is better than the other. Indeed, everything will depend on your style and your personal preferences.

Mules are pretty easy to wear and go with just about anything. You can also put on flip flops which are the easiest and most effective choice for the beach.

As for sandals, you can opt for spartan style or even wedge-type high-heeled sandals, or a flat sandal.

If you have a special occasion at the beach, it is possible to wear pumps, but without them being too high.

Finally, if you want to do your sport at the beach, you will have to choose comfortable shoes such as sneakers. Several brands offer quality pairs such as Nike, Puma, or Adidas.

What to wear with women's beach shoes

If you opt for gladiator sandals to go to the beach, it is recommended to choose a pretty summer dress with floral prints, all you have to do is choose the right leather goods. You can also wear a light kimono over your swimsuit and choose flip flops to complete your outfit.

If you're not planning on swimming and just want to hit the beach to relax, but also want to stay glamorous, opt for an ethnic-style skirt and blouse or a short-sleeved t-shirt. As for shoes, it is possible to wear wedge sandals, derbies, or even a pair of tropéziennes.

For a much dressier occasion, you can opt for a short little black dress and pumps. You can also choose stiletto sandals.

Finally, regarding the colors of your shoes, opt for neutral colors such as nude, beige, or even taupe, because they go with everything. For evening sandals, opt for gold or silver depending on your skin tone.

What beach shoes to wear in winter?

Usually, when we talk about the beach, we think directly of the summer season. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to go to the beach in winter, and for this, it will be necessary to choose suitable shoes.

First, in order not to be cold, it is recommended to opt for a pair of jeans, you can choose a slim model to combine with leather ankle boots or even thigh-high boots. Note that boots and ankle boots with studs or rhinestones are not particularly recommended. To prevent the heels of your shoes from sinking into the sand, which is usually wet, opt for models with small square or downright flat heels.

If it's not raining, you can also wear Converse type shoes. Indeed, the fact that they are rising prevents the sand from entering.

The Women's Beach Shoes are perfect for a day by the water, on the warm sand. Whether you're swimming or playing ball, these shoes will protect your feet from unwanted objects and summer heat.

Swimming, lazing around, strolling on the sand or a few breaststrokes in turquoise water, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for among our superb models of Women's beach shoes! These comfortable shoes will become essential vote to protect your feet from sunburn and make your towel neighbors jealous. Find some of the designs in our Best Sellers Aquashoes.