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Women's Water Shoes

Discover the Women's water shoe for style!

To go to the beach or the swimming pool, nothing better than summer shoes. In the spring-summer collection, it is possible to find wedge sandals, ballet flats, espadrilles, mules, clogs, flip flops and many other models of footwear suitable for the beach.

If you want to be glamorous and chic on the beach, flat sandals with a dress are more than enough. Nevertheless, for water activities, it will be necessary to opt for special shoes. Many people think that high-top sneakers or converse shoes will do just fine, while the most suitable shoes for women are water shoes. Discover our complete guide.

What are water shoes?

The women's shoes you put on to go to the beach such as gladiator sandals, barefoot sandals, high-heeled sandals do not allow you to have good foot support while you perform your aquatic activities.

Water shoes are the best possible choice for kayaking, snorkeling, or simply for walking safely by the sea or by a swimming pool. They are generally low shoes, but they can also be high with a Velcro or lace-up fastening system to maintain the arch of the foot and the ankle.

Water shoes are designed with a rubber sole that is both flexible and strong to provide good protection for the feet and toes. The rest of the shoe is made of lightweight synthetic materials that guarantee good water evacuation and quick drying, as well as maximum comfort. Note that by putting on water socks, your feet will still get wet, because these shoes are not waterproof, contrary to various popular beliefs.

What are the benefits of women's water shoes?

Water shoes certainly cannot replace your pumps or sandals with sky-high heels on summer evenings. Nevertheless, they have the advantage of being both very practical and above all comfortable in order to prevent you from having sore feet after your getaway to the beach.

First of all, for walking, your water shoes will be as comfortable and light as running shoes. You will almost feel like you are wearing closed flip-flops or absolutely nothing on your feet. In addition, the fact that the soles are quite thick will allow you to avoid certain inconveniences, such as sea urchin spines or pieces of glass between the toes.

Additionally, the water shoes feature non-slip soles, perfect for people who tend to slip when walking on the edge of the pool. By choosing a model with tight lacing, you are sure that your foot will stay in place while you practice your favorite activities, in this way you avoid sprains.

Guide to choosing the right water shoes

Water shoes are essential for the summer season. They will quickly replace your sandals and bare feet, but first, you will have to make the right choice. Here are some criteria to consider in order to choose

Choose the right size

Knowing how much to wear is not enough to choose the right size water shoes, because the sizes can be different from one shoe brand to another. We recommend that you choose a water shoe with the right size, it should not be too wide or too tight for maximum comfort.

Consider comfort

Be sure to choose a model that has flexible soles that resemble those of sneakers. Thus, you will be more comfortable when you walk and when you practice the various aquatic activities.

Choosing the right color

You can opt for neutral water shoes so that they match all your outfits, or opt for more summery colors such as coral, purple, yellow, green, etc. . There are many models and colors of water shoes for women as original as each other.

Compare prices

Finally, it's important to consider the price of your water shoes and be sure to compare prices between different shoe stores when shopping for low prices.

What other beach shoes are there for women?

If you're going to wear a nice outfit and water shoes aren't suitable, know that you can opt for other beach shoes.

For example, if you're looking for a glamorous, feminine look, opt for a simple skirt with a printed t-shirt to pair with flat or wedge leather sandals, you can also put on beige or brown colored moccasins.

If you're invited to a pool party, replace your aquashoes with stiletto-style pumps.

If you want to reserve your water shoes exclusively for aquatic activities, we recommend that you take them in your beach bag and wear flip flops, crocs or flip flops while waiting to arrive on site .

Finally, if you are one of those people who love to practice sports on the beach, the most suitable shoes are sneakers and running shoes.

What to wear with water shoes for women?

Water shoes are quite stylish and chic, they are not just plastic shoes, that's why they can match all your clothes.

For example, you can wear them with a beach dress or with a skirt and a shirt with colorful prints. It is even possible to wear your water shoes with jeans if you wish. Whatever outfit you opt for, do not hesitate to choose the appropriate fashion accessories. Also, remember to carefully choose the color of your water shoes and learn about the latest trends.

We have the perfect Women's water shoes for you! Find the model that suits your needs and desires. At the beach or in town, on a walk by the sea or in the evening, find our model of water shoes that combine style and relaxation! These water shoes are perfect for any occasion. Women's water shoes for all budgets, whether you choose the girly or sober colourway. Find some of the designs in our Best Sellers Aquashoes.