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Aquamove 1829 Water Shoes Gray

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Here is the suite of Aquamove water shoes designed with a very modern style and imagined for your aquatic sports activities and at the water's edge.

As with most of our models, this series was originally developed for your aquatic or semi-aquatic activities. However, its contemporary look will allow you great versatility in its use. This popular mainstream style shoe is ideal for people who don't want multiple pairs of shoes on vacation or water sports. Keeping the same pair of shoes on your feet before, during and after activity is a luxury that the Aquamove range offers you. This Aquamove range will allow you to practice activities on the sand, in more rugged areas such as riverbeds or steep rocky crossings, but also of course in the water (paddle, surfing, canoeing, rafting, canyoning,... ). You can also put them on for your excursions or other activities away from the water. The ability to adapt to the terrain is its strong point!

  • Timeless: A style that lets you wear them by the sea or in the city, today and tomorrow.
  • 👟 Ease of Use: Why bother with laces? After trying the quick-release system, you won't be able to do without it.
  • 👌 Comfort: light and dynamic, it won't be a burden for you!
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