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Speed ​​Blue Water Shoes

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Discover our new generation of Speed ​​water shoes designed for your aquatic sports activities and around the water.

This very modern style model incorporates a whole set of technologies specific to use in the aquatic environment. First of all, the upper made of an innovative fabric that always speeds up drying. Note that this same material is elastic and breathable. It allows your feet not to remain trapped in humidity. The shoe is very flexible and quite light, which preserves your mobility and your liveliness. Then, it has a water evacuation device through the sole like other models, which is a guarantee of quality given the proven effectiveness of this system. This water shoe is perfect for a very wide range of sports activities such as rowing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, canyoning, rafting, canoeing, ... but also quieter activities such as yoga, swimming or swimming. walks on the sand or along the rivers. This model can also be used for sports activities other than water sports such as cycling or walking!

🤳 Modern look: a sleek style that offers a sporty look.

👟 Easy to put on : why bother with laces? After trying the quick-release system, you won't be able to do without it.

🚀 Easiness: light and dynamic, you will feel light!

🌈 3 other colors available: Yellow, Black, Pink

🚛 Free standard delivery.

collection Speed Aquashoescollection Speed Aquashoescollection Speed Aquashoescollection Speed Aquashoescollection Speed Aquashoes

collection Speed Aquashoescollection Speed Aquashoes