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Sporty Pink Scratch Water Shoes

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Our collection of Sporty water shoes with Velcro has only one goal: to follow your children as far and as long as possible, regardless of the environment in which they evolve!

Beach, river, lake, torrent, sea, mud, rocky area, bitumen,... The Sporty model of water shoes for Girls or Boys adapts to everything. Originally designed for the aquatic environment, this all-terrain shoe is impressive for its robustness and durability. Its thick sole that goes up on the sides will protect your children from the dangers of nature. The perfect fit will allow your child to swim without the feeling of heaviness in the feet.

🚀 Easy to put on : Velcro, for ease!

👟 Support : This shoe forms an impassable shell thanks to its enclosing sole!

💨 Instant Dry : Created for water activities, your child's feet will be dry quickly.

🌈 3 other colors possible: Blue, Green, Black

🚚 Free standard delivery.