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Black Scratch water shoes

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When your children start to be very active, it is better to equip them with a pair of tireless water shoes.

That's the main function of this model of Scratch beach shoes: watching over them and their little feet!

This water shoe for girls and boys is a very safe model for parents. None of the many dangers present in the water and under the sand will destabilize this beach shoe. It will follow your child all the holidays, whether at the beach or in town. Its scratch allows you to hold your feet well and allow your daughter or boy to spend his energy without you worrying about where he (she) is putting his feet. Whether in the waves, on the sand or on his scooter, this model will know how to enchant him.

🚀 Simple : Tired of seeing your child dragging around to put on their shoes? Then this model is for you. No laces! A simple scratch and on to the adventures.

⚔️ Safety: Protect your child's feet against the dangers of the beach, the sea but also when he (she) tries to climb on this rock . Less known but very painful, also protect his feet from sunburn!

💨 Quick Dry : A fine, non-absorbent knit, this beach shoe will be dry before you leave the beach and will avoid the "sploch! sploch!" in the sponge mode of a traditional sneaker.

🍂 Lightweight: These beach shoes are comfortable and won't restrict your child's movement, including in the water. Running, jumping, swimming is child's play!

🌈 Several other colors available: Blue, Sky, Pink, Purple

🚚 Free standard delivery.

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