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Summer beach shoes blue yellow

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Ready for the holidays and the sea? Don't forget to pack a pair of beach shoes in your luggage. We recommend this model of beach shoes that combine lightness and comfort.

Complete protection

Is it really useful to wear beach shoes? Yes of course ! A simple cut on the foot can ruin your summer vacation. The beaches are often busy during this period. In addition to pebbles, shells, crabs, small sharp objects are scattered on the sand. In short, you never know what you're stepping on.

These Summer beach shoes are specially designed to protect your feet. Practical, they save you a lot of mishaps. The sole and the structure are flexible but protective. You can walk on the sand or climb the rocks with peace of mind.

Comfortable shoes

Another advantage of these Summer beach shoes is that they are comfortable and light. They are not painful to wear. They adapt to the morphology of your foot and slip on in the blink of an eye thanks to the elastic mesh. You just have to choose the right size from 35 to 46 for a weight of 200 grams for a pair of shoes in size 42.

The sole is made of non-slip rubber, while the structure is made of excellent quality fabric. You will be comfortable in your beach shoes.

Functional and versatile shoes

On the beach or in the water, our Summer beach shoes give you great mobility. They are compact and quick to put on. In addition to activities on the sand, these shoes are also suitable for activities in the water.

This model of beach shoes is available in different colours: black, water blue, blue green, blue yellow, water green, dark green or red. The choice is yours.