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Blue Lace-Up Beach Clog

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Find out our range of Beach Clogs with enticing styles and obvious practicality.

The model of your choice will accompany you wherever you go, whether in the sand, in the water or in the kitchen. It is as convenient as it looks. It is versatile and will allow you to cross sand dunes just as well as paved roads. These beach clogs can withstand salt water and can be worn to soak your feet. This accessory is easy to put on and take off. It's not afraid of water, that's why it's so much more than just a hoof!

🤳 Fashion: A style that allows you to wear them at sea or in the city. Play with shapes and colors to find the one you like!

💪 Robustness : Its design and the materials used provide it with great durability. Its very thick sole is not about to wear out!

🌼 Wellness: Our beach clogs are comfortable and you will be comfortable in the hot summer weather. No need to bend down to put them on or take them off, rediscover the pleasure of the hoof.

🌈 Choose from several models in several colors. Find our entire range in the Beach clog collection.

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