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Bannière Aquashoes, spécialiste de la chaussure d'eau

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🏝 These aquashoes are ideal for having fun on the beach, bathing, swimming, snorkeling or paddling, walking on sand or pebbles. These lightweight aquashoes are designed for relaxation and recreation.


👟 These water shoes are perfect for water sports (canyoning, water walking, kayaking, rafting, …). These rugged aquashoes are built for adventure and high-intensity activities.


📸 These aquashoes have been designed to be worn at the beach, in the city but also for your boat trips, whether for fishing or sailing. These stylish aquashoes will follow you every day.

Our customers are talking about us...

As a regular paddleboarder, I was looking to equip myself with water shoes. I found my happiness on Aquashoes!

<tc>❤️ Zack</tc>

Beach shoes are perfect. The size is very suitable for each of my daughters thanks to your advice. They are very pretty and will be ideal for this summer.
Very good purchase, all you have to do is test them.
Best regards.

❤️ Mrs J.

Thanks to a promo code, I bought two pairs of water shoes for me and my son and I'm delighted with my purchase!

<tc>❤️ Sarah</tc>

We wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with the water shoes we purchased from your site. These allowed us to do all our aquatic activities in the Seychelles as some beaches do not always have sand. We were even able to do a few hikes up to 300 meters in altitude. The shoes are still in very good condition.

<tc>❤️ Esther</tc>

I highly recommend Aquashoes, they are
Very accommodating, available and above all very kind.

<tc>❤️ Kelly H.</tc>


Aquashoes was born from an observation: Many countries have lakes, rivers, kilometers of coastline, but the supply of aquatic shoes is quantitatively and qualitatively insufficient for a booming market. Thus, Aquashoes has established itself as the leader on the international market. We are constantly pursuing our development by regularly offering new products and promotional offers.


We are a small, dedicated and supportive team. At Aquashoes, Customer satisfaction is not an empty word. Our DreamTeam is made up of young people with very diverse skills. In a tight structure like ours, the key word is versatility so that each person can replace another if necessary. Finally, we dedicate a particular worship to festive gatherings to celebrate all that should be!


Listening: Advise and support our customers to satisfy them.

Professionalism: Act with competence, rigor and know-how in all circumstances.

Team spirit: Working collaboratively to achieve our common goals.

Innovation: Cultivating entrepreneurial freedom, stimulating our creativity and our ability to innovate.

Why wear water shoes?

In the past, beach shoes wore a rather tasteless or even austere style. But times have changed. Some models are true stylish creations that you can proudly wear in the water, on the beach but also in the city. Indeed, whether for children, men or women, the sea shoe has become a versatile accessory that adapts to all situations. It will allow you to free yourself from the basic comfort of tap shoes. You will be able to walk painlessly on a pebble beach and trudge on the rocky dykes. If you're looking forward to hot summer days to practice water sports, play volleyball or take long walks on the beach, then a pair of water shoes is the essential accessory. If wearing fins for snorkeling is too restrictive then the water shoe is the solution. If the days of holidays at the sea are a real marathon between the various activities, put on beach shoes and you will simplify your life! A pair of shoes for the whole day. Other models technically very capable allow you to hike all-terrain without worrying about whether your shoes can handle the harsh conditions and dry quickly. Either way, the Aquashoes will give you protection. Aquashoes aims to democratize water shoes. With thousands of loyal customers, the store has established itself as the leader of this universe. Fashion evolves, so do your tastes. That's why we regularly add new products to our catalog. Our goal is simple: to bring you the best models all year round!

How to choose your water shoes?

Canoeing or kayak, snorkeling, canyoning, bodyboarding, rowing, kitesurfing, longe-cote, fishing, swimming, rafting, surfing, wakeboarding, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), etc. All these water sports require comfort and safety for your feet. But how to make the right choice? Indeed, there are many models but you understand that the pair of water shoes for canyoning will not be identical to the one suitable for swimming in the pool! If you go beyond sports activities, we have models suitable for lazing around, playing beach games or even long walks on the hot sand. For children, we recommend covering and protective beach shoes for the youngest. When it comes to more active children, we add comfort and resistance to the previous characteristics, which will allow use from one summer to the next. We offer quite a variety of footwear collections to meet all your needs. We are naturally at your disposal to help you in your choice. Material constituting the mesh, quality and thickness of the midsole and wear, material constituting the upper and the upper, tongue, etc... The lexicon of the shoe is vast. At Aquashoes, we analyze all of these criteria for each of the models we offer. To make your choice easier, we have classified the water shoes by category. You will find sport, fashion and beach collections. We also try to offer exclusive pairs of sea shoes, which you will not find in your local shops or even on other online stores. In addition, we are listening to your feedback (both positive and negative) regarding the behavior of our beach shoes. The choice of our ranges from one summer to the next is essentially made on the basis of your comments because you are, after all, in the best position to assess the quality of a shoe that you wear frequently.

Why buy your beach shoes at Aquashoes?

In a few words, we are the world leader of shoes for going in the water and our products are available exclusively on this online store . The platform is continuously improved with advantages such as secure payment, free delivery, great responsiveness and a wide choice of more than 300 models. The company is young but was quick to establish itself as the benchmark in the sector by focusing its marketing policy on the digital channel. We select the models of aquatic shoes by respecting a very strict process which notably integrates criteria of style, innovation, report quality / price and reliability. Now firmly established in our local market, our ambition is to develop our offer on a European scale and thus introduce our neighbors to the aquatic pleasures equipped with our collections of beach shoes. Our different collections are classified by type of activity. For the beach and leisure, you can find women's beach shoes, men's beach shoes and children's beach shoes. As far as sports activities "in" and around water are concerned, choose women's water shoes, men's water shoes and children's water shoes. Finally, for your moments of relaxation at the beach and your activities in town, we offer the women's water shoes and men's water shoes collections. In addition to our classic ranges, we present two alternative ranges, beach clogs and plastic shoes. Put style on your feet!