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▷ Which shoes for canyoning ?

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▷ Which shoes for canyoning ?

Canyoning is a fun activity if you enjoy outdoor recreation, are not afraid of adventure and enjoy exploring new natural places. Now, if you're reading this article, chances are you already know that canyoning shoes don't look like your usual hiking or climbing shoes. Canyoning shoes are designed to traverse all kinds of terrain, including mud and water!

Canyoning shoes should do it all: provide support, flexibility, good grip and adequate drainage to guide you through all your canyoning adventures. In this article, we'll share our picks for the best canyoning shoes, and give you some recommendations.

What is canyoning ?

Canyoning is an exciting and fun outdoor activity. This is an obstacle course in nature. The playing field is generally steep and wet.

The activity is not for everyone, so it requires a tough mentality and good physical condition. It involves crawling through chasms, jumping into potholes, jumping over jumps, sliding down slides, or rappelling down a steep gap. Canyoning requires special equipment, such as a rappel device, harness, anchoring tools like straps, helmets, proper canyoning shoes, and rope.

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How to choose the right canyoning shoe ?

When it comes to choosing the right canyoning shoe, there are a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is the type of terrain you will be traversing. If you have to walk on slippery rocks, you need a shoe with lots of grip. If you're going swimming in rivers or lakes, you need a shoe that's both draining and non-slip. And if you do both, you need a shoe that can do it all!

Canyoning is a very versatile activity, so you need a shoe that can do it all. Some shoes may have most of the qualities you are looking for and lack one, while others may be more shared.

What is a canyoning shoe ?

Canyoning shoes are durable hiking shoes that are comfortable to wear and have a high grip rubber outsole. Any hiking shoe with these characteristics is a good choice for canyoning activities. A pair of canyoning shoes is best if it dries quickly and is easy to drain. Also, if you're doing canyoning in the very watery version, it's a good idea to invest in water shoes.

Anyway, here are the main things you should keep in mind. mind when looking for the perfect canyoning shoe.


The canyoning shoes you buy will go a long way in determining whether or not your adventure succeeds. Your confidence in your movements and gestures will also depend on your confidence in your shoess. Canyoning shoes must have good grip on the rocks. Your abilities to crawl, climb, descend and crawl are linked to the quality of the grip of your shoes. Your shoes should give you excellent traction on dry and wet rocks, as well as any uneven surfaces you may encounter.

Canyoning can be very unpredictable, and often you don't really know what you're going to encounter. Being prepared for any type of situation will help you avoid slipping all the time.

Canyoning shoes with good grip can allow you to climb, descend, and descend safely and efficiently through the canyon.


You will need a pair of shoes with good support for canyoning. It is an adventure sport, after all! Twisted ankles and sore feet are common without supportive shoes as the terrain can be uneven and you may find yourself jumping from rock to rock.

Be sure to choose a pair of shoes that gives you adequate ankle and arch support, so your foot stays comfortable and supported all day long.


Support is one thing, but flexibility is another. The main reason you don't want to wear a hiking shoe for canyoning is that it's not flexible enough to get you where you need to go.

A good canyoning shoe won't sacrifice support for flexibility, but will incorporate both to allow you to navigate difficult passages and gain support in unlikely places.


Be sure to choose a pair of shoes that protect the whole foot (without skimping on the toes!) to avoid cuts when climbing, abseiling or traversing courses. 'water.

Accidents are frequent during the rainy season. Investing in good quality canyoning shoes with good grip helps prevent these accidents.


Speaking of stream crossings, another thing you need to look for in a canyoning shoe is good drainage. You may find yourself in water more than once throughout the day, whether crossing a stream, swimming through it, or walking under a waterfall.

The last thing you want is a shoe that retains water. Aquashoes that properly evacuate instead of retaining water will be much more comfortable than a pair that does the opposite.

Quick drying

Good quality canyoning shoes have a quick-drying material, so you don't have to worry about wet and heavy shoes. It is also easier to clean canyoning shoes: just wipe off the dirt without much effort. In addition, quick-drying canyoning shoes do not give off bad odors.

Here are some useful tips for canyoning shoe owners. These tips cover how to keep your canyoning shoes clean, deodorized, tidy and organized.

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Why invest in a pair of canyoning shoes ?

Canyoning shoes are essential equipment for anyone planning to practice this water sport in rivers, lakes or torrents. The shoes are made with a rubber sole that is both waterproof and non-slip, giving you the best possible chance of safely navigating tricky terrain while submerged in water! Not only are they essential for safety, but canyoning shoes are also incredibly comfortable and versatile.They can be used for a variety of activities, from hiking to swimming, making them a great investment for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors

Canyoning shoes should provide sufficient support and protection, considering both walking and descending over rough terrain. But, the shoes should have a soft enough sole to provide enough grip and friction on wet rock. Footwear should be able to drain and be lightweight so as not to interfere with swimming.

Leather hiking boots provide excellent foot protection, but they tend to be heavy which makes swimming difficult. They also have hard rubber soles, which don't grip wet rock very well.

Running shoes don't protect the foot as well, but they are lightweight, drain well, and have reasonable grip. An old pair is the usual recommended shoe for canyoning.

What are the best canyoning shoes for you ?

The best canyoning shoes for you depend on the nature of your outing. Watersports-specific footwear will have a different sole than regular running or hiking shoes, and not all outdoor clothing is designed specifically for watersports.

Our recommended option for canyoning shoes is a pair of water shoes or water shoes.

A quality pair of water shoes will have thick soles rubber specially designed for walking on wet rocks. What's more, the specially designed water shoes have a quick-drying upper with small holes in the sole that allow water to escape in minutes.

That makes it an ideal choice for moving through canyons or wading through large pots full of water.

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What to remember about the choice of shoes for canyoning ?

The three main points of the article are :

- Shoes are essential equipment for canyoning,

- There are different types of shoes, so choosing the right pair for the activity is important,

- Canyoning shoes are made with a rubber sole, which is both draining and non-slip.

Shoes are an essential piece of equipment for canyoning, as they provide stability and protection from the elements around you. Choosing the right pair of shoes for the activity is important, as there are different types depending on the terrain you will be traversing. Find all our best water shoes for canyoning in our Aquashoes shop.

What do you think of shoes as essential gear for canyoning? Do you think different types of terrain require different types of shoes? Tell us in the comments below !

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this article helpful.

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