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▷ Why buy Water shoes ?

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▷ Why buy Water shoes ?

As the summer holidays approach, here is a question that many of you may ask yourself: Should I wear aquashoes ? and how to choose them? Here are a few reasons why you should have a pair of water shoes handy !

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What's the point of wearing aquashoes ?

Walking barefoot on the sand is one of the joys of a summer day, but that doesn't stop you from having to wear shoes in certain circumstances.

Water shoes had a bad reputation. You do not necessarily want to have something on your feet when you bathe. But sometimes the breakwater is slippery, hot sand, rocks or glass invisible under the surface of the water. And of course, shoes are essential if you need to go to the public bathroom.

All these reasons make aquatic shoes almost indispensable, which will provide better grip during walks, prevent burning the soles of your feet, prevent cuts and other injuries to your feet. In addition, it will free you from "traveling" barefoot on unwelcoming floors.

Whether you're going fishing, exploring the reefs or water walking, the right aquashoes will give you the right protection for your feet. Wearing the right shoes will help you perform at your best while protecting yourself. For all water sports, water shoes are necessary for the safety and traction of your feet.

Tips for finding the perfect water shoes

They must protect your feet

Find water shoes that fully cover your feet. They should also have thick soles to protect you from sharp objects on the beach, such as stones and shells. Riverbeds can have rough terrain. You might stub your toes. If you plan to take a walk on the beach, look for water shoes with full coverage to protect you from the sand.

Aquashoes should have features that are suitable for your use. If you walk on slippery surfaces like boat docks, you'll need shoes with rubber outsoles to grip wet surfaces. If you are walking along streams and streams, you will need water shoes with ankle support.

Besides keeping your feet safe, aquashoes can also provide great support for your feet. If you have a bad arch, you can't go wrong with a good water shoe !

They must be light and dry quickly

Standard shoes become heavy when filled with water. You'll also be prone to blisters and end up with smelly, mold-ridden shoes. Water shoes, on the other hand, can be used both underwater and on dry surfaces. Choose ones that are well ventilated and have perforations that help drain water from the shoe.

Choose comfortable aquashoes

Try the water shoes on and test their flexibility. Those that are made of materials that will keep your feet warm. Their lightness will also allow water to flow out once submerged. Water will drain quickly once you are on dry ground. Aquashoes provide insulation and your feet will be kept warm even in cold water.If you do boating, sailing or other activities where you are standing, choose water shoes that are comfortable

Better temperature regulation

Cold water can really ruin a day at the beach, but water shoes can fix it. Just as getting your foot out of the sheets can help cool you down in bed, wearing the right shoes can help keep your feet warm and lessen the effects of a swim cold.

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Be stylish

Water shoes can be stylish. You might be surprised to learn that the aquashoes you remember aren't the ones they are today! These days, water shoes can look like anything from the typical sneaker, to the trendy sandal, to the split-toe sports shoe. There are many colors or patterns. While the bootie style still exists and has its uses, water shoes offer far more variety and style than ever before.

Check the durability

Read reviews. Your shoes should last a long time. The material should not deteriorate even if they are still submerged in water. Assuming you clean them properly, there should be no mold issues.

Choose versatile shoes

If you like doing a variety of sports, choose water shoes that can be used for snorkeling, long walks, canoeing, swimming, surfing, coasting or beach volleyball on the beach. There are, of course, specialized aquashoes. For kayaking, you'll need a shoe that stays in place and provides good grip when you have to stand up in rocky rivers.

For anglers, choose shoes with

t1>good grip. Hikers will need water shoes that are breathable and quick-drying. Choose sturdy soles that provide full protection.

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Wearing aquashoes gives you the freedom to enjoy outdoor activities. The offer today is quite extensive and suggests adult and children's models for all tastes. Armed with these tips, you'll know how to make the right choice !

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