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▷ Should I wear beach slippers?

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▷ Should I wear beach slippers?

The sunny days are slowly returning and you are already thinking about your next vacation by the sea. Rental, activities, equipment, clothing and accessories: you have to think of everything. By the way, you have a question about accessories: after seeing a number of them on the beaches last year, should you wear beach slippers? Our answer in this article!

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Learn a little more about beach slippers

What are beach slippers?

Beach slippers are lightweight, comfortable shoes that are worn for walking on sand, water, or rocks. rocks on a day at the beach. They are designed to protect the feet from sharp objects, rocks and hot sand, while providing extra comfort and breathability.

Beach slippers are usually made from water-resistant materials, such as rubber, neoprene, or synthetic fabric. They often have a non-slip sole for extra grip on wet or slippery surfaces. Beach slippers are also available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles to suit individual tastes and preferences.

Easy to wear, they are now popular accessories with beachgoers, swimmers, divers, surfers and people who practice water sports of all kinds (surfing, kayaking, etc.)). They offer extra protection and comfort for the feet, as well as a casual style for a day at the beach.

What activities should you wear beach slippers for?

Beach slippers are designed to protect the feet from natural elements such as sand, pebbles, shells and corals, as well as hot or cold temperatures. Here are some activities for which it is advisable to wear beach slippers:

  • Walking on the beach : Beach slippers allow you to protect yourself against the natural elements present on the beach, such as sand, shells and pebbles.
  • Swimming in the ocean : They offer protection against rocks and corals that can be found in the water, as well as better grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Doing water sports: beach slippers are particularly useful for water sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing or windsurfing, as they protect the feet from injuries caused by boards or rocks.
  • Walking on rocky terrain : If you plan to hike in places with rocky terrain, beach slippers can protect your feet from injury and provide better grip.
  • Visiting natural pools or waterfalls : Beach slippers provide protection against slippery rocks and rough surfaces around natural pools or waterfalls.

In short, beach slippers are useful for any activity, practiced in or near water, that involves being barefoot on rough or slippery surfaces.

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Do you have to wear beach slippers?

If we see more and more feet wearing beach slippers in summer, it's not for nothing. Indeed, this accessory is nowadays rather recommended on the beaches. And this, for several reasons that you will find summarized below:

Good foot protection. Beach slippers protect your feet from sharp objects, shells and rocks that may be on the sand or in the water. They also help prevent burns from hot sand or rough surfaces. Say goodbye to cuts, scrapes, and burns!

Better hygiene. Beaches can be dirty places, with debris and litter that unfortunately today all too often litters the beaches, and cause infections or illnesses. Beach slippers allow you to keep your feet clean and hygienic.

More comfort for the feet. Beach slippers are often made from comfortable and breathable materials, which allows your feet to breathe and stay cool on hot summer days. These shoes are also designed to be comfortable to wear, with cushioned soles and good grip for comfortable walking on sand or rocks.

An extra touch of style. Beach slippers have also become a popular fashion accessory for beach activities. They are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit all tastes and preferences. Pretty handy for adding a touch of style to your beach outfit!

In summary, wearing beach slippers at the beach can protect you from the dangers of sand and water, keep your feet clean and hygienic, improve your comfort, and be a trendy fashion accessory.

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How to choose your beach slippers?

You've figured out why it's a good idea to wear beach slippers, and you've made up your mind: you want some. So all you have to do is choose your pair. And like choosing a swimsuit, it's no small feat! There are indeed a large number of different models of beach slippers today. To help you make your choice, below are some important things you should consider when buying a pair of slippers:

  • The material of construction: Look for beach slippers made from durable, water-resistant materials. Commonly used materials include rubber, neoprene, leather, and synthetic fabrics.
  • The comfort of slippers : they must be comfortable to wear. Look for slippers with a soft sole and a lightweight upper that conforms to your foot.
  • One Size Fits : Make sure you buy the right size beach slippers for a comfortable fit. If the slippers are too big, you risk losing your shoes in the water, and if they are too small, they can cause pain and irritation.
  • Grip in all circumstances: The slippers must have good grip on wet and slippery surfaces. Look for slippers with a non-slip sole to avoid accidents.
  • And still, style : Finally, choose a style of beach slippers that suits your personal preferences and lifestyle. Beach slippers come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs, so find something that appeals to you and suits your personality.

Feel free to browse Aquashoes which offers a large number of models, for all ages and all tastes!


In conclusion, while beach slippers are ideal accessories for walking on the sand and practicing water activities of all kinds while protecting your feet, they are not mandatory. So there is no single answer to the question "Should you wear beach slippers". Wearing them is going to depend on your personal preferences and the nature of the beach you are visiting. Be aware that they have many advantages, as we have seen in this article.

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