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▷ Do you have to wear beach shoes to walk on the sand ?

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▷ Do you have to wear beach shoes to walk on the sand ?

When you plan to go on vacation by the sea and take long walks on the sand, it is important to equip yourself accordingly. If you don't choose the right shoes then your feet will remind you and you'll regret not investing in a pair of beach shoes sooner.

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Walking in the sand puts a lot of strain on our feet

I'm probably not going to teach you anything, but walking in soft sand is more demanding than on a hard, smooth surface. This leads to muscle pain in the feet. During your walks on the sand, your range of motion is greater due to the sinking motions of the feet in the sand. So you need to choose the best shoes for walking in sand to give support to your feet.

Most of us don't know that when we walk, run or exercise, the volume of our feet increases by 2-4% due to the influx of blood circulation. Now the question is whether we should consider this factor before buying new shoes. It must! If you don't consider this factor, you will feel uncomfortable with your shoes while walking.

As we know, it is more comfortable and romantic to walk barefoot on the sand. But sometimes the beach sand hides shards of glass and sharp pieces of rock sticking out. So, if you are barefoot, you run the risk of ruining your vacation due to certain dangers such as these:

  • Hot sand can burn your feet (in summer, hot sand can cause third-degree burns).
  • Insects such as fleas, beetles, tiger beetles, and spiders can sting you.
  • Sharp stones and pieces of glass can cause foot injuries and skin cuts.

These points clearly show that only proper footwear can protect us from such dangers. The question now is whether all beach shoes can fully protect you from these dangers or not. The following points are important to consider before choosing the best shoes for walking in the sand.

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What criteria do we look at before buying shoes for walking in the sand ?

  • Shoe material comfortable and durable.
  • Sole flexible, light and flexible with essential traction.
  • Breathable material to keep feet dry.
  • Strong elastic material to protect against sharp edges.
  • Lightweight and quick to dry.
  • The shape of the shoes should prevent sand from getting stuck between the foot and the shoe.
  • Good grip.
  • Flexibility to allow good freedom of movement.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Easy to take on and off.

Let's evaluate the different shoes for walking in the sand

Now we will take a look at the possible types of shoes available on the market and then choose the best ones based on your needs.

Flip-flops (not recommended)

We see some people using flip flops on the beach. A flip-flop is only comfortable for short distances. While walking on sand, our feet get tired because each time we press on the sand and make an extra effort to push the sand away from our feet. Flip flops have a loose grip.It therefore becomes difficult to cover long distances using flip flops. In addition, sand can quickly get between your feet and your shoes. Therefore, flip flops are not the right choice, they can protect you from hot sand in summer but not from insect bites and skin cuts.

The flip flops are quite comfortable to wear. inside the house on flat ground because it is light, flexible, waterproof, easily washable, easy to take off and put on.

Water sandals (can be a substitute)

The water sandal is a good choice when you want your feet to be comfortable on vacation in hot weather. It is light and flexible for all movements. The sandal has a secure grip with your foot, and is more secure than a flip-flop. Its flexible, lightweight and flexible sole provides essential traction with the sand. But it allows pebbles and sand to get stuck between the foot and the shoe. It does not fully cover your feet and therefore the risk of insect bites cannot be eliminated.

Beach shoes (recommended)

We need camel-toed shoes to walk on the sand because "Mother Nature is our best teacher". The water shoes have a flexible, lightweight and flexible sole with exceptional traction on sand. Water shoes can fully cover your feet. Thus, the risk of insect bites and skin cuts is eliminated. Its porous material allows water to evaporate easily. Thus, your feet dry quickly in case of perspiration. You can also walk in water with them. In addition, the water shoes are easy to take off and put on. So I recommend that you follow beach shoes as the best shoes for walking in the sand.

Bannière Aquashoes Chaussures de plageHow to choose summer shoes?

When the good weather arrives, it is clear that you want to find open shoes to be more comfortable. To do this, you can then look for sandals or flip-flops to take advantage of the summer temperatures. When you like to take care of your look and your appearance, then you are looking for the pair of summer shoes that can perfectly match your style. If you're not sure which brand to turn to, it's clear that you'll find what you're looking for among the models of sandals and flip-flops offered by K.Jacques. If you want to be both chic and relaxed, you have every interest in approaching this brand to work on your summer look. Depending on your desires of the moment, but also your tastes, you can enjoy sandals or even Spartan flip flops that will highlight your foot. In any case, if you decide to trust this brand, you can benefit from a quality shoe that will be both comfortable and that you can keep for many years.


In this article, we offer several models of beach shoes that are perfectly suited to activities on the sand and in the water. All of these products have essential features that all shoes should have to be comfortable on the sand. So, after browsing our store, you can choose the best pair according to your needs.

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