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▷ Are the Water Shoes waterproof ?

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▷ Are the Water Shoes waterproof ?

If you're a beach person, there's no doubt that more than once you've found yourself walking barefoot to your car with soaked sneakers in hand. Most shoes, even sports shoes, are not designed for water, which can become a real problem if you come across wet terrain while hiking. That's why water shoes are essential for all outdoor adventurers. The name can be confusing; you'd expect water shoes to be waterproof, right ?

Well, they're not. But that is exactly why they are the best option when it comes to all-terrain footwear. Here's why you should pack a pair of Water Shoes for your next beach excursion.

Aquashoes, homme courant en chaussures dans l'eau
Water shoes are breathable

Water shoes may let water in, but they also let it out. Unlike your waterproof boots, water shoes have mesh sides that keep your feet from staying wet all day if water gets in. Having your feet wet for too long can cause all sorts of health issues, from itchiness that could ruin your hike to blisters and blood circulation problems that could bother you even after having abandoned the boots. Water shoes prevent this by letting moisture out and air in, so your toes can dry out quickly and the trapped water doesn't weigh you down. While it may not be as basic as the criteria related to keeping your feet safe, the breathable design of these water shoes also keeps your feet cool and odor-free. Your family and friends will thank you on the long drive home.

Water shoes keep your feet safe

Hiking shoes are not the only option to protect your feet from the dangers of nature. While water shoes are much lighter than their athletic and outdoor cousins, they're just as durable for whatever your outdoor adventures throw at them. The rubber outsole, which prevents water from penetrating, also offers extra grip in slippery places and protects your feet against sharp stones in your path. Water shoes are especially useful when it comes to keeping your children safe while splashing around in the lake or in the waves. Paired with sun protection, they'll keep them playing all day without sunburn or sharp stones to slow them down!

Bannière présentant de modèles de chaussures aquatiques Aquashoes

Water shoes are comfortable and practical

You'll never have to worry about the laces again thanks to the tabs and heels that make putting on and taking off the water shoes a breeze. Once in place, the elastic laces and spandex mesh ensure the shoes stay in place no matter how fast you swim. When you're not in the water, molded EVA insoles absorb shock to keep your feet comfortable during your hikes and games. Not sure if your hike will pass through wet terrain? Bring them just in case! Even the larger sizes of men's water shoes are lightweight and easy to pack.They won't weigh down your beach bag, so why not?

Water shoes are stylish

Whether you're strolling the boardwalk with friends or hiking your favorite trail, your water shoes will be a stylish yet functional addition to your outfit. a wide variety of colors and patterns, you can also choose from a collection of styles to create the perfect look. Want something sporty? Show off an ensemble with elastic laces and athletic style.

Looking for a style you can dress up a bit? Pair an elegant style with a summer shirt dress and go from the beach to the restaurant with ease. Let your children have fun and help them choose a set of children's bathing shoes that perfectly matches their personality. No child likes to wear protective clothing, so make sure they have something they can be excited to wear.

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To Conclude

So if you're planning on strutting the beach with the ladies or exploring a lakeside trail with the kids, be sure to bring your trusty Aquashoes. Your feet will thank you !

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