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▷ How to choose your sea shoes ?

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▷ How to choose your sea shoes ?

The sunny days are coming back, weekends by the sea and nautical activities are yours! And yes, what better than water to cool off? On the list of things to remember: sunglasses, sunscreen, towel, but also water shoes. For an activity in the water, or even for walking out of water, water shoes are increasingly considered an essential accessory. When to use your sea shoes? What are their advantages? And above all, how to choose them well? To find out more and be ready for this summer, don't wait any longer, go below !

Bannière Aquashoes avec chaussures de mer

How to define sea shoes ?

What are sea shoes ?

Sea shoes are shoes suitable for the beach and more generally for the aquatic environment. They are generally made of fabrics that allow efficient water evacuation and also rather quick drying. Very flat in shape, they almost look like slippers and have to be just as comfortable to be comfortable in the water.

These are versatile shoes. Indeed, if they are generally used to practice activities in the water, water shoes can also have the function of walking shoes quite simply. This is particularly so in cases where it is planned to cross a stream for example, or to walk on rocky areas that are a little slippery or wet.

In which cases should they be used, and why ?

If water shoes are used more and more these days, it must be said that it is no coincidence. They have many advantages that are important to remember.

First of all, water shoes are a perfect accessory for switching environments without too much trouble. You can absolutely go swimming or do a water activity with your shoes on, then get out of the water and walk without having to change your shoes.

In addition, they constitute a significant element of protection for the feet during outings on the beach or at sea. water, on the beach or on the shore and rocks.

How to choose your sea shoes ?

As with any other type of footwear, when deciding to buy water shoes, it is important to choose them well. For this, several characteristics must be taken into account. We won't go back on it, but it is obvious that the size of the shoe must be adapted to your foot to allow maximum comfort.

Bannière Aquashoes avec chaussures de mer

Manufacturing materials, and the environment

Whether leather, fabric, rubber or synthetic mesh, the materials of construction of water shoes are generally skin-friendly.

And it is also depending on the type of activity practised and the environment that you will have to orient your choice of the materials for manufacturing your water shoes. Fresh water or salt water, you already have to take this into account: indeed, some materials are more suitable for fresh water where others will be more suitable for salt water (which is more aggressive ). In any case, it is important to ensure that the material of construction of the upper is suitable for the environment in which the water shoes will be used.

For example, for rather gentle activities such as the pool, swimming, water aerobics, it is more advisable to choose shoes with a mesh upper Conversely , for more sporting activities such as canyoning or rafting: it is generally recommended to opt for shoes made with reinforced mesh and rubber outsoles .

Water evacuation, and drying time

While water shoes are much more practical than normal shoes for going into an aquatic environment, due to the lightness and the flexibility of the accessory, it is also important to consider drying time. Indeed, what could be more uncomfortable than walking too long in wet shoes once out of the water?

Usually made of breathable fabrics, so that water drains quickly and the shoes dry fairly quickly. However, care must be taken to ensure that there are perforations at the toe caps and enough drainage points, particularly in the bottom of the shoe.

Be careful, this is a point that should not be overlooked: the better the shoe is designed, the faster the water will evacuate and the faster the shoe will dry.

Outsoles, flexible and grippy

To be comfortable in and out of the water, and to make your shoes last as long as possible over time, you need to pay particular attention to the soles shoes.

Indeed, the flexibility of the soles is an important factor to take into account when choosing a pair of sea shoes. In the case of practicing activities in the water, it is advisable to choose shoes with soles that are both light and flexible.

However, to walk safely in rocky areas or on the shore, the water shoes will have to be equipped with rather thick and rough soles, in order to guarantee a good grip and thus avoid falling or slipping.

All that remains is to find the right balance between the two!

Bannière Aquashoes avec chaussures de mer

Snowboard shoes have many fans today: there are shoes for all ages and all tastes. However, the ideal sea shoes must in any case be both comfortable and functional. For this, the materials of manufacture, the drainage and the evacuation of water, but also the flexibility and the adhesion of the soles are all important elements to take into account when choosing the shoe. Water-wicking and quick-drying, a sole that is both light and protective, but also flexible and grippy, a perfectly adjusted size: this is what defines a well-chosen water shoe.

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