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▷ How to choose your Water Shoes ?

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▷ How to choose your Water Shoes ?

This buying guide will help you buy the best water shoes. There are crucial factors you need to consider when making your purchase. The water shoes are a technical product that requires some thought so that the choice of water shoes is in line with the use you will have of them. We have listed the important points for you, which you will find below.

Technical characteristics of water shoes

  • Materials

The materials used to make water shoes are often skin-friendly, for example, various forms of synthetic mesh and leather, fabric, textile and rubber. Water shoes with a mesh upper are often suitable for activities such as swimming, water aerobics and the pool.

Water shoes are best used with reinforced mesh materials and thicker, durable rubber outsoles for more demanding activities such as rafting or canyoning.

However, not all water shoes are suitable for use on the beach. Some components perform better in fresh water and degrade earlier in salt water. Therefore, to choose the best water shoes, make sure that the upper material is suitable for the aquatic environment you want to visit .

Bannière Aquashoes avec 3 modèles de chaussures aquatiques

  • Drainage and breathability

The best water shoes drain water and dry quickly to bring you a comfortable feeling when doing water activities. They often have drainage holes in the bottom to allow water to run off smoothly. And the more drainage holes there are, the faster the water drains. In general, water evacuation speed does not matter for light water activities. But if your sports require you to repeatedly get in and out of the water, water shoes need to drain quickly.

Water wicking often goes hand in hand with breathability. The most drainingshoes are also the most breathable. In general, breathability depends mostly on the mesh of the upper. The open shoe design also allows for better airflow.

  • Tension

Flexible outsoles are an essential part of water shoes to provide comfortable fit and high durability for activities that take place mostly underwater.

However, you should also take into account that when walking on shores, on rocky surfaces, you need protective and thick outsoles with strong grips to avoid slips or falls. In particular, the best hiking boots should come with exceptional grip to make it easier for you when getting in and out of the water.

  • Protection

The first and most crucial benefit of the right pair of water shoes is protection. It can keep your feet safe from sharp shells, hot boat decks on hot days, sharp rocks on the seabed, or sea creatures such as jellyfish.

Bannière Aquashoes avec 3 modèles de chaussures aquatiques

  • Comfort

The second benefit of wearing water shoes is comfort. These types of shoes usually have compression molded midsoles. This design will give you great arch support while helping you engage more in water sports. In addition, some models are designed with an open or ventilated upper, allowing air to circulate better. Because of this, you can feel more airy and breathable.

They are also lightweight and seem to gently hug your feet, allowing you to jump in the air. water and enjoy your underwater exploration time. If you spend most of your time kayaking, doing yoga on a paddleboard, etc., you should consider models with adequate heel cushioning for added comfort.

  • Adherence

When walking on slippery surfaces such as boat decks, yoga or surfboards, etc., the risk of falling and injuring yourself is high. That's why you need a good pair of water shoes, which are usually reinforced with sturdy rubber outsoles.

This design gives you a perfect grip that allows you to walk more stably. Some perfect models even offer extra support under the foot and heel for optimal movement.

  • Lightness and drying time

One of the most common problems with wearing shoes on the beach is their heavy weight. Fortunately, water shoes are improved to be lighter and more flexibles.

Also, when normal shoes get soaked in water, they take a long time to dry, which not only causes discomfort but also a bad smell. In contrast, water shoes are mostly made of airy fabric, with perforations on the toe cap and plenty of drainage points. All of these features help water run off and dry faster.

Bannière Aquashoes avec 3 modèles de chaussures aquatiques

I will address here some frequently asked questions about buying the best water shoes. You can refer to this part if you are wondering about these different topics.

Why do you need water shoes ?

Wearing the right shoes when you're at the beach or any water activity is not only important, but it also makes your activity more enjoyable. Whether you're snorkeling or simply strolling by the sea, you should always properly cover your feet to ensure their protection and comfort. The best water shoes can give you that and more.

Can I swim in water shoes ?

Ultimately, you can wear water shoes to swim underwater. But choose those whose design and materials are appropriate. They should look more like water socks than water shoes, with lightweight, flexible soles.

What should I look for in water shoes ?

The best water shoes should be compact and functional. They must be able to evacuate water quickly, have a quick-drying and breathable upper.And it is essential that the soles protect your feet from sharp objects, shells and rocks In addition, grippy and flexible outsoles are also essential.

Are water shoes suitable for walking ?

Water shoes are often very versatile. They are suitable for a wide range of activities, from water to land. Water shoes can also be used as walking shoes, especially when you plan to walk on slippery, wet and rocky surfaces or cross rivers.

Should water shoes be tight or loose ?

The keys to the best water shoes are that they should provide the perfect fit, not too loose or too tight. They should fit your feet perfectly for you to feel comfortable wearing them.

Can you wear water shoes in the pool ?

Yes, of course. However, you need to consider the type of water shoes you are going to buy. They should be lightweight, have a great ability to shed water, and fit snugly. Ideally, opt for models that look like water socks, which will provide you with the comfort you so much need.

What is the difference between water socks and water shoes ?

You will wear aquasocks inside your shoes, and they can get completely soaked in water, and your feet will get wet. In contrast, water shoes are worn like shoes (either barefoot or with socks) and are used in wet conditions, such as water sports, river hikes, or just walking on the beach, etc

Are aquashoes worth it ?

Water shoes are ideal not only for adults, but also for children. They give you enough protection to keep your feet safe. They are also comfortable so you can enjoy your time underwater. In addition, the hard rubber sole provides excellent grip, which prevents you and your children from slipping.

Should socks be worn with water shoes ?

Yes, you can, but you don't have to. You can wear socks when you're about to hike before entering the water. This action can help reduce bad odor caused by perspiration.

Bannière Aquashoes avec 3 modèles de chaussures aquatiques

To conclude on water shoes

With all the information I've shared with you, I now hope you can buy the best water shoes for the activities you love. So you can fully enjoy each of your adventures and vacations. In conclusion, I hope you find the best water shoes that meet your needs and preferences. If you have any questions, ask me in the section below. I wish you the most of your next aquatic activities.

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