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▷ Best water shoes 2023

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▷ Best water shoes 2023

When you're snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, or just strolling on the beach, it's obvious the safety and comfort of our shoes are fundamental criteria

This is one of the reasons why you need the best pair of water shoes

Water shoes are your feet's most reliable companion! Any time you're near water, whether playing, swimming, snorkeling or diving, you'll enjoy these shoes! They are not only designed to protect your feet in and out of the water, but also to keep them comfortable

Over time, water shoes have evolved from bulky, bulky styles to more sleek, lightweight, and more comfortable versions They have evolved so much that today they have a variety of features such as thermal protection as well as water drainage, underfoot traction and of course, a stunning design! It is true that all these innovations cause a lot of confusion when choosingWe're here to help!

Depending on the specific activity you're interested in, whether it's hiking, scuba diving, boating, trekking, or simply strolling on the beach, there are bound to be water shoes that suit you!

The process of choosing the right water shoes for your needs can be difficult and that's why we've put together a (small) array of the best water shoes in our shop!

For trips to the beach…

They are ideal for bathing, swimming, snorkeling, playing beach volleyball on the beach or walking on the sand with your feet in the waterThese are the beach shoes par excellence, versatile, protective and stylish

👟 AQUASTYL Water Shoes

Chaussures d'eau Aquashoes pour la plage

These aquashoes are soft slippers that can be easily put on and taken off, making them also suitable for people who have trouble tying shoelaces or simply don't want to botherAQUASTYL water shoes are lightweight, with comfortable polyester uppers that have plenty of stretchThey have a chunky outsole that will protect your feet in rocky environmentsThe shoes have flexible hydrophobic soles that support the foot without making it feel roughThe insoles are easy to remove, allowing the shoes to dry faster

👫 Templates for Men and Women

🌈 Available in 6 colors

👉 Find this model here

👟 MOTION Water Shoes

Chaussures de plage Aquashoes

Robust, light and very quick to dry, MOTION is much more than it seems This water shoe features an EVA midsole and a flexible rubber outsole under a breathable mesh upper that is designed snugly to keep sand and debris outIt is also overprinted on the outside to protect the mesh from abrasion

Low-cut design is free of velcro, laces and straps that could get caught in windsurfing rigs, paddleboard ties or cause pressure points in harnessesThe outsole has superb traction on wet and slippery surfaces like rocks or boat decksAnd it protects against hazards like seashells, coral and underwater litter

👫 Templates for Men and Women

🌈 Available in 6 colors

👉 Find this model here

👟 UNY Water Shoes

Chaussure d'eau pour la plage de chez Aquashoes

Looking for the perfect water shoe? Discover our UNY model for a clean and minimalist lookThese water shoes are perfect for all recreational activities, from surfing and kayaking to snorkeling and coastingAnd their unmistakable aesthetic will make you look your best wherever you wear them, be it on the beach or in town.So don't just take our word for it, try them yourself and see!

👫 Templates for Men and Women

🌈 Available in 4 colors

👉 Find this model here

For water activities...

These models are particularly suited to the aquatic world Thin and light, they will protect you from cuts from rocks and other underwater creatures wanting to tickle your feetWith them, you can swim and walk in water without worrying about what's under the sand

👟 BALLERINA SHARK water shoes

Chaussures d'eau BALLERINA

For diving, snorkeling or kayaking, opt for the BALLERINA quick-drying water shoesMesh materials around the foot are stretchy and non-slip, while the entire shoe is ridiculously light

The outsole of the shoes is non-slip which means safety, while the sole riddled with drainage holes helps keep your shoes as comfortable as possible

We know from experience how important it is for beginners to feel confident in their gear, and this model of water shoe gives you that much-needed boostYou don't have to worry about losing your grip when walking on slippery surfaces, nor do you have to worry about getting blisters

👫 Templates for Men and Women

🌈 Available in 4 colors

👉 Find this model here

👟 MAYABAY Water Shoes

Aquashoes Chaussures de plage

Are you looking for a shoe that will allow you to fully enjoy the summer? Look no further than MAYABAY water shoes! Whether it's a leisurely stroll on the beach or a more intense activity like surfing or snorkeling, these shoes are perfectThey are comfortable and stylish, and have a sole that will withstand use summer after summer.So go ahead and take advantage of all that summer has to offer with MAYABAY water shoes on your feet, you will be protected and you will have a style that you will envy

👫 Templates for Men and Women

🌈 Available in 22 colors

👉 Find this model here

For adventure, in and around water...

Here are some perfect shoes for hobbies such as kayaking, rafting, hiking, canyoningAll these activities which take place mainly out of the water but which still require you to set foot thereThese models are robust and designed to follow you in your adventures!

👟 FLASH Water Shoes

Chaussures d'eau Flash d'aquashoes

Brave the elements with our FLASH water shoesDesigned for off-road activities like hiking, canoeing, rafting and canyoning, our FLASH series will help you tackle any terrainWith specific innovations like holes to facilitate water evacuation through the sole and breathable fabric for faster drying, our water shoes are designed especially for your next adventure.So don't let anything hold you back, put on a pair of FLASH water shoes and conquer the great outdoors!

👫 Templates for Men and Women

🌈 Available in 4 colors

👉 Find this model here

👟 SPEED Water Shoes

Chaussures d'eau Aquashoes Speed

Looking for a shoe that will help you move quickly and easily through the water? Discover our SPEED water shoes! These shoes are specifically designed to be worn in aquatic environments, and are made from an innovative fabric that dries quicklyThe material is also stretchy and breathable, so your feet won't sweat or feel uncomfortable.The shoes are also very flexible and lightweight, allowing you to move around easily.In addition, they have a water evacuation system through the sole, so you can be sure that your feet will stay dry.Perfect for a wide range of sporting activities, our SPEED water shoes are a great choice for anyone who wants to move quickly and easily through the water

👫 Templates for Men and Women

🌈 Available in 4 colors

👉 Find this model here

👟 SPORT-X Water Shoes

Chaussures d'eau Speed-X de Aquashoes

Looking for a shoe that matches your active lifestyle? Look no further than SPORT-X water shoes! These shoes are perfect for those who like to swim, jump, climb and runThey feature a chunky sole that protects your feet from debris and rocks, and are made from breathable, quick-drying materials so you can wear them all day long.In addition, they are very comfortable and fit you like a second skin.Whether you're hitting the beach or the trails, SPORT-X water shoes are the perfect choice for adventurers of all types

👫 Templates for Men and Women

🌈 Available in 4 colors

👉 Find this model here

For water and the city...

For those who don't want to be burdened with several pairs of shoes, we offer trendy models that can be worn on the beach as well as in the cityCasual style

👟 ULTRAX Water Shoes

Chaussures d'eau ULTRAX Raisin

The new ULTRAX water shoes are perfect for any adventure, big or smallThese versatile shoes are comfortable and durable, making them perfect for exploring the great outdoorsBut they are also elegant, so you can wear them on the town or on a night out.With a chameleon design, these shoes adapt to all situationsSo whatever your day, be ready to tackle it with ULTRAX water shoes

👫 Templates for Men and Women

🌈 Available in 7 colors

👉 Find this model here

👟 FLOWERS Water Shoes

Chaussures d'eau Flowers d'Aquashoes

Are you looking for a fashionable and comfortable summer shoe? Look no further than our FLOWERS water shoes! With a trendy floral design, these shoes are perfect for both men and women.They will go great with shorts or a skirt and will add a touch of style to any outfit.But the best part about our FLOWERS water shoes is that they're not just for the beach, they're also perfect for casual days around town.Whether you're relaxing by the water or exploring a new city, our FLOWERS water shoes will keep you comfortable all day long

👫 Templates for Men and Women

🌈 Available in 2 colors

👉 Find this model here

For children…

Because children are the first to be protected, we have a range that will allow you to find the right shoe for you, from babies to teenagers

👟 BEACH Water Shoes

Chaussures d'eau Enfant de chez Aquashoes

Looking for the perfect water shoe for your kids? Look no further than our BEACH water shoe! This shoe is designed to protect your children against all the dangers they may encounter at the beach, such as jellyfish and rocksThe thick sole coating will keep them safe and comfortable, while the scratch-resistant design will support their ankleThis shoe is perfect for any activity, whether it's playing at the beach, swimming or exploring the citySo don't wait any longer, order our BEACH water shoe today!

👫 Patterns for Boys and Girls

🌈 Available in 3 colors

👉 Find this model here

👟 SAINT-MALO Water Shoes

Chaussures d'eau Saint Malo de Aquashoes

Here are the SAINT-MALO water shoes! These sturdy and stylish shoes are perfect for adventurous children who like to play in the waterWhether they're swimming in a river, paddling in a lake, or exploring the coastline, these shoes protect their feet from outside hazards.Thick soles provide great coverage and traction, while the easy-to-use clamping device makes them quick and easy to put onSo let your child explore as they please with the SAINT-MALO water shoes!

👫 Patterns for Boys and Girls

🌈 Available in 3 colors

👉 Find this model here

For the nostalgic…

The plastic shoes of our childhood are resurrected and offer us an anthology of colors and shapes that do not leave anyone indifferentFor young or old, there's something for everyone!

👟 TALON Plastic Water Shoes

Chaussures plastiques pour l'eau Aquashoes Talon

Aquashoes is proud to present its brand new model of water shoes, the TALON! These shoes are perfect for all summer activities, whether you're at the beach or just enjoying a nice walk on a sunny day

TALON water shoes are made of high quality plastic materials that are both durable and stylishThe heel gives them an original touch that makes them more feminineWith these shoes you can combine all your outfits without any problemThey will be perfect with a pair of jeans or a pretty dress.Wear them with everything to create your own style!

So what are you waiting for? Buy your TALON water shoes now at Aquashoes!

🧍🏻‍♀️ Models for Women

🌈 Available in 5 colors

👉 Find this model here

👟 Plastic Water Shoes SMALL

Chaussures d'eau plastique pour enfants

Rediscover the joys of summer with the SMALL plastic water shoes! These iconic shoes have been modernized for a new generation, while retaining the timeless charm that made them so popular in the first place.Made of durable plastic, SMALL plastic water shoes come in a variety of colors to suit all tastesWhether you're looking for a playful pop of color or a more classic look, SMALL plastic water shoes are made for your kidsSo dust off their feet and enjoy the summer sun!

👫 Patterns for Boys and Girls

🌈 Available in 4 colors

👉 Find this model here

Why wear water shoes?

Water shoes are essential when you're in the waterThey make sure your feet are well supported and have some grip on the groundThey are ideal for walking along rocky rivers or climbing steep dykesHowever, they're also useful for those occasions when you're looking for extra support and comfort over barefoot walking, like walking along a pebbled beach or carrying your kayak to the car without changing shoes.

Like many of us, we wore our first pair of water shoes when we were a young childEvery summer, whether on a river bank, ocean beach, or lakeside, our parents would put a pair of shoes on our feet to make sure we didn't get hurt.It's true that most of us weren't happy to wear these shoesFor my part, later, growing up, I became aware of the many dangers of water and the need to wear suitable equipment.

However, water shoes aren't as ugly as they were when we were kids, and the choice is such that we all find a pair we're proud to wear.

What should you consider before buying water shoes?

👟 Material

To ensure your comfort, water shoes are usually made from skin-friendly materials, such as textiles, rubber, and various types of leather and meshThe soles of the shoes are usually made of rubber, the upper part is made of mesh as well as leather and textileWhen buying water shoes, make sure that the upper part of the shoe is made of soft mesh or leather, so that your feet are comfortable, but not too tightIf you are a fan of textiles, choose one that is a type of fabric that is lightweight, waterproof, and sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of water.

👟 Cup

To be comfortable in the water, water shoes must fit your feet perfectlyThe snug fit will ensure your feet don't sway too much as you moveLike any other athletic shoe, water shoes should act like a second skin, moving with you and giving you the support you need.It is essential that your water shoes remain in your feet for an extended period of time and that they are free of foreign objectsIf you're swimming in wild ocean waters or walking along muddy riverbeds, you won't be satisfied if they suddenly fall off and you have to take them off, will you?

👟 Pull

To stay on your feet and not slip at any time, your water shoes must have adequate gripGrip is the top priority on your list of things to consider before buying water shoesWithout grip, you won't be able to walk on the shores of rivers and lakes, play on beach rocks, or even swim if you're a beginner.Do yourself a favor by buying an item whose sole has rubber studs to provide grip and, above all, to guarantee your safety.

Advantages and disadvantages of diving shoes


Foot protection

Dive shoes are designed for use in more vigorous activities where you can move quickly from a dry to a wet environmentThey are specially designed to protect your feet from injury from sharp rocks and other underwater hazards, while ensuring that no outside element can get inside

Traction under the foot

Because "water" footwear is intended for use underwater, manufacturers have considered the importance of sole traction to prevent feet from slipping on slippery surfacesGood traction makes friction less difficult for your feet, helping them stay grounded

Quick drying

This feature, in addition to other things, makes water shoes stand outQuick drying adds comfort and durabilityBe aware that water shoes are not designed to protect your feet from getting wet (you can wear rubber boots for that)!

The negative points

Water shoes have drawbacks, like all other shoes

First of all, from a thermal comfort point of view, they are not as comfortable as open sandalsWhen it's hot outside, even if you don't need full foot protection, you'll never find better than an open sandal

The second reason is that they are not made for cold temperaturesWater shoes are not designed to provide sufficient foot insulationTherefore, in cold weather, when your feet are most likely to get wet, do not choose water shoes.

Third, water shoes are not designed for long-distance hikingThey aren't the best in the field when you spend many hours on the trail

Questions you have about water shoes

Is it convenient to swim with water shoes?

Water shoes are designed for use in many water sports, such as paddleboarding, kayaking and swimming in rocky areas

If you plan to swim with water shoes, it is recommended to look for a pair that fits like a gloveThis will reduce the risk of your shoes floating in water or contaminating bacteria commonly found in hot tubs and public swimming poolsIt will also help you improve your swimming abilities as your feet will be protected throughout the day.

Do you want your water shoes loose or tight?

It's been established that most people buy shoes that are bigger when that shoe is made of a stiff materialHowever, this is not the case with water shoes.It is recommended that you purchase water shoes in your exact size to ensure they fit you properlyThese shoes are designed to provide the best possible grip on both dry and wet surfaces, which a pair that is too big will not be able to do.

When you are exposed to water, or when sweat begins to flow, ill-fitting water shoes can slip off your feet and sink to the bottom of the pool or oceanTo avoid this problem, be sure to choose comfortable and well-fitting water shoes.You'll be wearing them long before you have to buy a whole new pair

Are water shoes suitable for hiking?

Because water shoes are versatile, they can be used for both walking and water sportsBesides walking at the beach, also wear the shoes for hiking (within reason) and pair them with socks for extra protectionThe socks work as an extra layer of protection between your skin and your shoes, helping prevent the development of bad odors that could ruin your water shoes

Besides the smell of water shoes, wearing socks ensures that no gravel or sand will come into contact with your feet and cause irritationWater shoe soles are made of durable materials that allow you to move freely over slippery hills and rocks without falling

What is the difference between socks and water shoes?

You may think water shoes and water socks are basically the same, but they have different functionsWater shoes are generally used for swimming, walking on the beach or walking in wet rocky areas, while water socks are generally used for snorkeling

Water shoes feature the flexibility of a rubber sole with good grip to prevent falling on uneven ground when stepping on itThey feature a leather or mesh upper that is breathable and dries quickly

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