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Discover men's beach shoes

For the beach, women's shoes are not lacking, it is possible to opt for flip flops, wedge sandals, square heel shoes, mules, gladiators, and even ballerinas .

Choosing summer shoes for men seems difficult, but don't worry, we will guide you in order to find the best model of beach shoes possible. In this article, find out how to choose men's beach shoes and which are the best models to be trendy.

Why special beach shoes for men?

As you know, there are sandy beaches but also pebble beaches. Whatever type of beach you go to, you will need to have suitable shoes to avoid getting your feet and ankles hurt and to be comfortable. When you're dressed for the beach, summer shoes will also enhance your outfit and complete it.

There are specially designed shoes with non-slip soles, this will prevent you from slipping if you are bathing at the beach or practicing swimming. There are also many models of shoes that are not specially designed for the beach, but which can do the trick for your trips to the seaside.

How to choose a good pair of men's shoes?

Choosing shoes for women or men is not done at random. Indeed, if you want to be trendy and be comfortable on the beach, you will have to choose suitable men's shoes taking into account several different criteria.

The shoe size

First of all, before choosing any pair of shoes for the beach, make sure you know your shoe size. Indeed, shoes that are too tight or too wide will greatly affect your comfort.


For your comfort, opt for flexible shoes with comfortable soles. It is also recommended to opt for a removable insole that you can change as you wish. It is also advisable to opt for an open model so that your foot can breathe and to avoid developing certain dermatological diseases.


Buying a new pair of shoes should be based on your style. No point in wanting to buy sandals at all costs if you don't really like them.

You will also have to take the materials into account, if you like suede, velvet, or nubuck, be aware that shoes made of these materials are not especially suitable for the beach.

Prefer beach shoes that are much more suitable than flip-flops or flip-flops made of rubber.

The price

Of course, it is important to consider the price, this usually depends on the brands of shoes. For example, shoes from a well-known brand will cost more than shoes from a lesser-known brand.

Be that as it may, to be sure of benefiting from shoes at a low price, make several comparisons in order to find the best value for money possible.

The best shoe models for the men's spring-summer collection

A collection of men's beach shoes can be made up of several models, we are now going to tell you about what shoes you can wear on the beach.

Mules and flip flops

Shoes such as mules, flip flop, flip flops and slides are one of the best options available. Indeed, it is possible to put them on very quickly and they are quite comfortable. However, be sure to choose non-slip models to avoid slipping.

Sandals and bare feet

Sandals and flip-flops guarantee better support for your feet, they also allow you to look dressier. This type of shoe is also suitable for a casual and casual style.

Trainers and sports shoes

Be aware that basketball and converse type shoes are also perfect for going to the beach. Indeed, you can choose models of sneakers with or without laces. However, if you plan to jog at the beach, prefer models with laces.

The advantage of this type of men's shoe is that it adapts to all styles, provided you choose the right colors.

Loafers and dress shoes

Loafers and dress shoes aren't the best option for the beach. Nevertheless, for an evening by the sea, you can wear them and add a small leather goods to be at the forefront of fashion.

What outfit with men's beach shoes?

For a simple and effective beach outfit, you can combine an ethnic or Hawaiian type shirt or even a short-sleeved t-shirt with beige, brown, or black beach shorts and simple flip-flops. You can also put on white sneakers or taupe-colored sandals.

To do your sport at the beach, you can opt for sports shorts, sneakers and a breathable sports t-shirt. Don't forget to wear socks with your trainers, as the sand may give you blisters.

For a dressier style, there's no need to take suits out of your wardrobe, prefer simple shirts, canvas shorts combined with moccasins or espadrilles. If you go with your partner to this kind of event, she can wear a little dress with wedge sandals.

What to wear by the sea in winter?

If you want to go to the beach in the winter to relax, the choice of shoes will be different. Indeed, you can wear patent leather ankle boots, or winter boots like imitation leather boots with straps. Avoid putting on winter shoes with too many details like studs or rhinestones, they will be difficult to clean. Western-style boots can also be worn on the beach in winter with a lined parka.

Finally, if you want to play sports at the beach in winter, opt for leggings in synthetic material and high-top sneakers from the men's collection, avoid wearing low-top sneakers in winter.

The Men's Beach Shoes are an essential accessory for any lover of salt water and hot sand. They protect your feet when you're near water, whether you're swimming or just strolling on hot sand.

Whether you're looking for beach shoes to take with you on your summer outings, or just want something durable and comfortable enough not to hurt you walking on the sandy beaches, we have what you need! Swimming, lazing around, playing rackets or walking on the sand, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for among our Men's beach shoes! Find some of the styles in our Best Sellers Aquashoes.