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▷ Why should baby wear shoes at the beach ?

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▷ Why should baby wear shoes at the beach ?

A baby's foot is made up of twenty-six small bones and nineteen muscles, not to mention the ligaments and tendons. In a few months, this very fragile assembly propels him from the ground to a standing position. At the beach, your child can enjoy the fun of the sand while walking barefoot. However, when the ground becomes hot, the fragile soles of his feet must be protected by suitable footwear. However, is comfort the only reason why you should wear your child's shoes at the beach ? If not, what are the reasons for wearing baby beach shoes? Response elements !

The main reasons why the baby should wear shoes at the beach

Baby beach shoes refer to all the sandals that a child can wear on the beach. They are available in many forms including water-repellent slip-on types, slides, sandals, flip-flops, sneakers, etc.

When a baby walks, their feet are the first limbs of the human body that come into contact with the ground. Having him wear beach shoes will allow you to keep him away from microbial infections like warts. This also protects children from injury from sharp or sharp objects that have fallen and remained hidden under the sand. When the sole of the sandals is made up of non-slip properties, it helps protect baby from the risk of injury caused by a poorly negotiated run.

The other benefit of wearing beach shoes for babies is the comfort they provide. In fact, the different models of shoes are lightweight, which allows the feet to breathe and sit comfortably. Water or aquatic shoes are able to support the baby's weight without deforming or losing their ability to protect. Some of them leave the heel free, but we prefer real beach shoes that hold it firmly. The unique advantage of a "free" heel is that your little one benefits from natural ventilation, which offers him optimal protection against the various skin problems related to sweaty feet.

It is essential to remember that beach shoes for babies are true fashion accessories in the same way as other beach accessories for children (sunglasses, buckets, etc.) . Blue, white, black or whatever the color, wearing these sandals will also give your baby a unique elegance that will make them stand out.

Apart from the soles, these baby beach shoes must also offer an upper that has a modern design. This will only provide more comfort for your little one who will have no difficulty moving around with it.

If you are convinced of the many advantages of a beach shoe for the little ones, then you should choose from the many models available on Aquashoes. But before making this difficult choice, it is good to know that there are many criteria on which you can base yourself to successfully select this accessory.

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Essential criteria for choosing the right baby beach shoes

To successfully choose a baby beach shoe, you must take into account certain essential parameters. Otherwise, you risk opting for a model of water shoes that will not suit your little one's morphology.

The sole of the shoe

The sole should be light and grippy. In order not to disturb the baby, this beach accessory must have a very flexible sole.As a result, it will ideally fold in half As far as its grip capacity is concerned, it is very important to provide your child with optimal comfortl. Likewise, make sure that the shoes are equipped with non-slip soles with grooved finishes or with studs, for example. This will considerably reduce the risk of the baby falling and will give it a remarkable elegance due to its design.

Strength and water resistance

When choosing sandals for your child, also make sure they are strong and water-resistant. In reality, baby beach shoes are most of the times formed with resistant materials. These are often made of rubber and textile, which allows them to resist water.

Comfort and support

The insole should be ergonomically structured to form a soft cocoon for the arch of the foot. Its presence actually allows baby to be properly protected by adapting perfectly to the shape of his feet. Note that the child will have difficulty walking if you provide him with a sandal that does not correspond to this part of his body.

In addition, some models of these accessories are equipped with self-locking laces, zippers or Velcro that hold the feet in place. As a result, your child is no longer at risk of slipping when walking. For more security, choose a model of beach shoes that sticks to your baby's foot and that will be easy to put on and take off. You'll thank us later for this tip!

Water drainage

Your child will certainly come into contact with sea water. This forces you not to adopt a waterproof shoe because that is absolutely not the purpose of a beach shoe. In reality, it would be neither comfortable nor practical. In normal times, water should penetrate easily and be evacuated quickly. The outward drainage capacity is one of the important criteria of a water shoe, whether for young or old. For this, some models are equipped with perforated soles or sides. Also take into account this fundamental point so that your baby's foot does not slip.

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Other selection criteria

In addition to these important parameters, there are several other criteria that can help you during your selection.

The interview

The model of beach shoes baby that you choose must be easily rinsed off with clear water. Drying should also be quick and easy.


There are different shoe shapes in various colors. To make your choice, choose the ones that will have a unique design that suits your baby. This will please him and make him even more elegant during your outings.


Durability is also an important criterion when making your choices. If you don't want to waste your money, then opt for shoes that benefit from a sewn seam rather than a glued one.

The price

The amount will depend on the range or type of model you select. The average ratio/quality accessories are already available from around ten euros. As for high-end, higher-quality items, you need to budget more.

The material of manufacture

During your choices, natural cotton without plastic polymer is strictly discouraged. In fact, it is not water resistant, which makes it difficult to maintain and use. On the other hand, synthetic textiles are easy to clean.For a more judicious selection, you can also opt for injected EVA plastic or EVA rubber. These are flexible, resistant and light.

The breathable upper

So that your baby's feet are not bothered, opt for shoes equipped with uppers that provide ventilation. The whole point is that your baby is protected from sunburn while having a minimum of natural ventilation. If the material of manufacture does not reconcile with this criterion, do not buy it. Plastics that do not provide ventilation are often perforated. In this case, the child's foot is far from the risk of sweating.

How do you properly care for baby beach shoes ?

Like other beach accessories, baby's beach shoes should be rinsed with clear, cool water after each use. This cleaning will allow you to keep them in good condition for a long time. To dry them, you can do it in a dry place or use a clean, dry cloth. It is also possible to store them away from heat, dust and humidity until your next use.

However, before starting the maintenance of the shoe or beach sandal, first pay attention to the material used during its design. If it is made of leather, for example, then you should know that it is necessary to follow certain rules while cleaning it. Among other things, it is up to you to keep it away from sources of heat and to avoid rubbing it. On the other hand, if the shoes are made from cotton, plastic or any other material, the maintenance conditions will no longer be the same and differ from one material to another.

So how do you put baby's feet on the beach ?

As we mentioned, we advise you to choose "closed" beach shoes rather than "open" beach sandals. We think baby beach sandals don't provide enough protection for little feet. On the other hand, our range of baby beach shoes is breathable and efficient enough for baby to be comfortable and fully protected. The icing on the cake, we have a large choice of shapes, colors and materials.

To go further, our article on children's water shoes...

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