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▷ Beach shoes: How to choose them ?

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▷ Beach shoes: How to choose them ?

You may have noticed that walking on sand or in water is very different from our usual walk. The sensations under your feet are not the same, the gait is not the same. This is why as summer approaches, or for a weekend by the sea, it is advisable to bring good beach shoes. What are beach shoes for? What are the different models available, and how to choose the most suitable?

Water shoes, beach shoes: what are they ?

Sometimes called water shoes, aquatic shoes or even aquashoes, beach shoes are shoes specially designed for activities in and around water; that is to say by the sea, but also by the lake or river or even swimming pool. Their objective is not to protect the feet from water, but from slippery, rough or even sharp surfaces, such as the rocks of the seabed.

To properly protect the feet, aquatic shoes have a sole that is both flexible, sometimes draining and robust; as for the rest of the shoe, it is generally made of a light fabric, which lets the foot breathe and facilitates the evacuation of water. This lightness and flexibility allow beach shoes to be suitable for a number of water sports. Another advantage of beach shoes is that they promote proper posture even on unstable sand. They also help protect the arch of the foot, which is heavily stressed on shifting ground.

What are beach shoes for ?

You may wonder why wear water shoes, when you can walk barefoot in the water, or put on flip flops on the sand. Already, as mentioned, know that sand is an unstable, irregular ground; whether it is dry or wet, the constraints are not the same. This requires wearing adaptable and comfortable shoes, which allow you to walk everywhere without being embarrassed or having to change your pair.

Next, not all beaches are made up of fine sand only. Most often, walking on the beach involves stepping on rocks, which can be slippery or sharp. The risk of falling or being cut is always present! And then the contact with jellyfish and other marine animals is particularly unpleasant. To protect your feet, you must therefore wear suitable shoes, both flexible and resistant: hence the interest in choosing beach shoes rather than other less suitable models.

If you practice a water sport, buying water shoes is all the more important. Indeed, activities such as water hiking, surfing, windsurfing or canoeing, require good foot protection. Choosing quality water shoes allows all athletes to avoid injuries, and to evolve in the water with ease.

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Beach shoes: for whom ?

Who are water shoes for? Absolutely everyone! Or at least, all people who have to walk in water, on sand or on rocks.

Water shoes for men and women

Lightweight and comfortable, water shoes are suitable for both men and women. Of course, there are models of shoes whose shape and size are more suitable for a female foot, and others for a male foot. Some colors or patterns are also well gendered, but most of the models in our online store are intended for both women and men.

Water shoes for kids

Adults aren't the only ones who need to protect their feet; during the summer, you will notice that many children wear a pair of water shoes. Indeed, because they like to run and play in water and on rocks, children are more vulnerable than adults. It is therefore even more important to protect them well! Flexible, light and easy to put on, beach shoes are perfectly suited to children and their little feet. They come in a variety of attractive and humorous colors and patterns.

Water shoes for athletes

Water sports enthusiasts are probably the first to buy beach shoes. Indeed, more than a simple question of comfort, they are often essential to their practice; whatever their level, beginner or advanced. For example, if you practice canoeing or rafting, you must embark and disembark in shallow water, on surfaces that are often sharp or unstable. Hence the importance of being well protected! The benefits are the same for other disciplines; we strongly recommend that you wear water shoes for aquatic walking, windsurfing, or other disciplines such as snorkeling (hiking underwater) or canyoning.

What are the different types of water shoes ?

At the beach, are you more lazy, walk with your feet in the water or hyperactive? This is a question to ask yourself before buying water shoes, because there are models for every need and every type of activity.

Aquashoes for idleness and walks

For a peaceful summer, made of lazing on the beach and long walks by the water, your choice will be the classic models of water shoes. With a sporty look, these shoes are light and compacts; They are very easy to put on and take off, whether your feet are dry or wet. For a style that suits you, you can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns: galaxies, seabed, geometric shapes, stripes, plain... there is something for all tastes and for all styles!

Sporty water shoes

Canyoning, surfing, snorkeling and other aquatic pursuits can put a strain on your feet. The dangers are not the same when walking quietly along the water's edge, and when exploring the seabed in rocky areas. This is why there are water shoes specially designed for sports activities by the sea or lake. These models are distinguished from the basic models by their robustness and in particular the thickness of the sole; also, to hold the foot well, they often include scratches or laces. By their appearance, some pairs of aquashoes can resemble running shoes or other sports shoes. Their shape may vary depending on whether they are models for men, women or children.

Fashion beach shoes

Who said aquashoes couldn't be a trendy accessory? Admittedly, this is not their primary objective; but some models lend themselves perfectly to an elegant stroll by the sea, on the beach or in town. Trendy beach shoes exist for men, women, and even for children.

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How to choose the best water shoes ?

To choose good beach shoes, you must first ask yourself a few questions: will you practice one or more water sports? and which ones? Long walks or shorter walks? Are you going to walk in the rocks? These questions are essential to choose the type of water shoes best suited to your activities. In particular, walking at a sustained pace on wet sand is a real sport; for this activity, you will therefore choose a sports model.

Flexible and light, beach shoes adapt to all types of feet. However, when you try them on, keep in mind that they must fit well on your foot, at the risk of slipping or losing them. This advice is especially true for children, who move a lot and fall easily.

Finally, in summer, temperatures can rise very high; that's why we recommend choosing lightweight models that let your feet breathe well and are easy to remove. Comfort above all!

And icing on the cake, we don't often think about this, but have you ever sunburned your foot ? It's extremely painful ! Clearly, beach shoes have many advantages.

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