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▷ What shoes for walking in the sand?

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▷ What shoes for walking in the sand?

Walking in the sand barefoot is so relaxing! However, if you have ever done this activity without a appropriate shoe, you certainly know that it can turn into a real chore. Hence the importance of preparing yourself well by choosing good shoes for walking in the sand. Let's take stock in the rest of this article.

What is a shoe for walking in the sand and why buy one?

Let's start at the beginning, knowing the definition of a shoe for walking in the sand. As the name clearly indicates, this is a shoe designed to protect the feet from the damage that sand can cause, including burns, minor injuries, etc.

Now? What's the point of having a pair?You don't see the importance of such a shoe when you spend your days between home and work.

But when the time comes to spend a few days on the beach, a shoe for walking in the sand is almost essential. It allows you to enjoy the seaside in complete safety. However, this type of shoe is also welcome when you have to do any activity in the sand.

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What are the different types?

👉 Thongs

Impossible to take a trip to the beach without finding several people with the flip-flop shoe. It offers several advantages: easy to put on, lightweight, does not take up much space… What many people do not know is that this shoe is designed for relaxation, but not for prolonged use. It is strongly discouraged by pediatricians and the medical profession in general. It will therefore be suitable if you only plan to take a short walk in the sand.

👉 Water sandals

They are more suitable than flip-flops since they offer good grip on the feet. Another advantage of these sandals is the fact that they are open. They ensure good breathability for your feet. In addition, they dry quickly. So you won't have any problem if you plan to take a ride in the water.

👉 Espadrilles

Espadrilles are summer classics and can be great for a spin in the sand. Their main strength is their thick sole which protects your feet against the heat of the sand or against the small stones that can be found on the beach or under water.

👉 High top shoes

It is possible to walk in the sand without it touching your feet. To do this, simply opt for high-top shoes. However, they are not recommended when the temperatures are very high.

How to choose a good shoe for walking in the sand?

Choosing your shoe for walking in the sand shouldn't be done on a whim. Indeed, the pleasure of the activity as well as the health of your feet are at stake.

If you choose a poor quality shoe, the consequences will be the same as if you use a non-specific third-party shoe. The worst thing is that the plethora of models available on the market does not really make things easier.

Don't panic! To make it easier for you, we have put together this buying guide for you. We present you all the criteria to take into account when choosing.

Height or shoe size

Unsurprisingly, the first criterion to take into account when choosing your pair of shoes for walking in the sand is its size.For more comfort, the shoe should be perfect for you

Your sneakers should be neither too small nor too big. If they're too small, they'll squeeze your feet, won't be comfortable, and can even cause pain. We're sure that's not what you want.

If, on the other hand, the shoes are too big, they will not hold your feet well and you will not be able to perform the movements as you wish. However, it is better for the shoe to be a little bigger than to be a little smaller. So, if you have doubts between 2 sizes, it is better to choose the larger one.


After the size of your sneakers, you should pay particular attention to the breathability of the shoes. What is it about ? It is simply the ability of the shoe to change the air between the inside and the outside of the shoe.

You don't need to have graduated from polytechnic to know that the temperature of the sand increases considerably when it's hot. Under these conditions, if you walk in the sand with a non-breathable shoe, then your feet may heat a lot inside. This is uncomfortable and can even cause burns after a while.

Another use of your shoe's breathability for walking in the sand is wicking away moisture from sweaty feet. When it is not evacuated, it is responsible for the unpleasant odors of the feet at the end of the day. If you're not a fan of this, just opt ​​for a breathable shoe.

The weight of the shoe for walking in the sand

When you walk in the sand, it's mainly to relax and have a good time. Therefore, the less charge, the better! It is for this reason that light shoes are preferred. The ideal would be to opt for a pair that weighs less than 400 g.

However, if you think going with the lightest shoe is enough to make the best choice, think again! Models with a featherweight are often designed with poor quality materials. If so, your shoe will not last long. So also check the quality when choosing the weight of your shoes.

The thickness of the sole

For the sake of reducing weight, we are often tempted to choose a pair of trainers with a fairly thin sole. Know that the sole is the main meeting part between the shoe and the sand and therefore the main heat exchange part between the shoe and the sand.

A small sole will contribute to a faster increase in temperature inside the shoe. A very large sole on the other hand will make the shoe heavier. The ideal is therefore to choose a shoe with a medium thickness sole. Still concerning the sole, it must be strong enough to protect you from the small pebbles that are often found in the sand of the beach.

The fixing system

We think everyone is unanimous on this. Nobody would like to waste several minutes at the beach putting on their shoe, right? To avoid this, opt for a simple and quick fixing system. You have to be able to put your shoes on in just a few seconds.

Male or female?

When choosing your shoe for walking in the sand, you will have the choice between models for women and models for men. Here, it is only a matter of aesthetics.

You should choose a pair of shoes that you think look good on your feet.Note that it is possible to have mixed shoe models; designed for both men and women

Your budget

The question that many people ask is: how much should I spend to have a shoe to walk in the sand? Unfortunately, it is not very easy to give an exact answer. The prices of such shoes vary enormously: from a few tens of euros to several hundred euros.

Contrary to popular belief, the most expensive shoes are not necessarily the best. It is possible to find good pairs of shoes for only a few tens of euros. The main thing is that they correspond to your expectations.

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FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions about shoes for walking in the sand

How to take care of your shoes?

As it is the same with all other shoes. A shoe for walking in the sand must be maintained to last a long time. For this, a few simple gestures are to be applied.

  • Cleaning your shoes after use: it is essential to remove sand from both the outside and inside of shoes after use.
  • Don't wear the same pair of shoes every day: so if you're going to spend several days at the beach, you should bring several pairs of shoes.
  • Avoid moisture for sensitive shoes: some shoes are sensitive to moisture. If this is the case with your pair, you should avoid keeping it in a damp place.

Is walking in the sand good for the body?

Yes, the benefits of walking in the sand are both physical and psychological. It allows you to forget the stressful days and enjoy nature around the water. On the physical side, it improves muscle relaxation, blood circulation and body balance.

Is sand dangerous?

Of course, walking in the sand brings benefits to the body, but it should be noted that in certain circumstances, the sand can be dangerous for your health. With phenomena such as tides or pollution by tourists, bacteria and viruses can hide in the sand. This is why it is necessary to be well equipped, for example withshoes for walking in the sand.

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