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▷ How did water shoes become trendy ?

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▷ How did water shoes become trendy ?

Aquatic shoes are now well represented in online stores and other physical stores by the sea. They have evolved significantly since the days of sandals. From now on, they are models of shoes that fully cover our feet!

However, many people wonder how water shoes have evolved so much in 2 or 3 decades. The advent of certain water sports has contributed to their explosion in the market. Thus, they have increasingly integrated our daily life so that our summer activities take place with comfort and protection.

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History of Water Shoes

Aquatic shoes or " aquashoes", literally translated into English, are, as their name suggests, water shoes. They are shoes that you can wear without worrying about water, especially if you don't want to hurt yourself or get bitten by sea urchins, for example. These shoes allow you to enjoy the sea and the beach while reducing the risk of foot injury.

They have become essential accessories when you decide to go out to the beach. Given the level of pollution in the sea today, it is true that you are not safe from danger whether in the water or on the sand. You can find anything in the sand: shards of glass, a sharp oyster shell or sharp objects. It is therefore necessary to wear water shoes.

Water shoes were designed to replace our diving fins. Diving fins, often used for visiting the seabed or for snorkeling, are difficult to handle, unlike water shoes, which ultimately behave... like shoes. Speaking of the type of water shoes, there are several depending on your needs. We have among others:

  • water sandals;
  • water socks;
  • water shoes.

The sandals water : they have very effective water drainage and allow sand to pass easily through through the shoe to fall. However, they do not protect the tops of the feet. If you enter the water with water sandals, anything could prick your ankle. In short, they do not fully protect your feet.

water socks : still called water socks, they came after water sandals . You cannot swim with water sandals. You could very easily take off your shoes without realizing it. Water socks, on the other hand, stay attached to your feet.

They maintain the feeling of being barefoot when practicing nautical activities. They are therefore ideal for swimming and sometimes for wearing outside of diving equipment.

However, you can't walk everywhere with water socks. First, they will automatically get dirty if you use them on the floor. You can combine socks and sandals, but the problem will still arise. The insufficiency of the sandals is still not filled. These are not socks that will protect your ankles from bites and injuries.

Water Shoes : they have been designed to solve all problems related to adventures around or in water. They have the specificity of being able to be worn in the water and out of the water. They work like normal shoes.They have a more resistant sole than sandals and they fully cover your feet like water socks

In addition, they have tongues and linings to protect your feet from bites, scratches, injuries, etc. Water shoes have become true sneakers. They even include water drainage as water sandals once did, thanks to textiles made of a specific mesh adapted to the aquatic environment. Some may also follow you on hikes.

There are two types of water shoes. There are also neoprene booties. They are not made for swimming in water, but just for walking in it, such as for practicing longe-côte.

Modèles de chaussures d'eau de marque Aquashoes

Water shoes have become trendy thanks to water sports

There is no doubt about it. It is in large part thanks to sports nautical that water shoes are in vogue. The question of foot protection arose. A solution had to be found. Water shoes have therefore been designed and improved to protect our feet. All over the world, water sports occupy a very important place.

It has become a means of distraction and entertainment. Almost everyone is into it: surfing, swimming, rafting, windsurfing, canyoning, kayaking, paddle boarding , snorkeling, etc. These are sports that make you live. This feeling of having water on the body is so pleasant, that it is what has led many lovers of sport nautical.

To practice these water sports, equipment was needed, including water shoes. This is why they are the most bought on the market today.

Canyoning has made its appearance and has boosted sales. This water sport that offers the possibility of performing slides in waterfalls has won the hearts of many people. Nature lovers also need shoes that are sturdy enough to prepare for the stresses of their activity. The water shoes have therefore been updated to have the ability to withstand the most intense tests!

For other water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, simple walking by the sea and so on, these shoes have also made a technological and stylistic leap considerable. This is due to the fact that its designers first thought of the safety of your feet, regardless of the sport you practice. Thus, by wearing these water shoes, several athletes have demonstrated their effectiveness.

Modèles de chaussures d'eau de marque Aquashoes

How to choose water shoes ?

To choose your water shoes, you must take into account some important criteria namely:

  • the sole,
  • the textile,
  • the shoe size,
  • the brand.

The soles should be non-slip to protect you from slipping. The crampons drawn on the sole will prevent you from bad falls. Opt for thin soles with small spikes. You will see, it is very comfortable. If you opt for thick soles, then they will suit you, especially if you want to hike in the mountains with your water shoes.

Next, the textile of your water shoes should be made of mesh designed to shed water C is to prevent you from having, once wet, shoes that become heavy. Unless you want water protection, neoprene boots, that don't let water in or out, would be right for you.

Water shoes, once wet, give a little more length. So you need to find a good fit for your water shoe size . This is something to consider to avoid twisting your ankle while slipping. Also check if the tightening systems, such as the laces and the traction system, are sufficient to maintain you correctly.

The choice of stem is up to you. Does the use you want to make of your water shoes require sudden movements? If so, opt for water shoes with a lower high or medium to protect your ankles. Otherwise, a upper low water shoe can do the trick.

Finally, choose a brand of water shoes known for the quality of its products.

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