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▷ What shoes for walking on rocks ?

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▷ What shoes for walking on rocks ?

On the program for this summer: barbecues, aquatic walk, longe côte, hikes, walks on the beach, rafting, kayak, paddle, canyoning, snorkeling… In short, the idea is to take advantage of good weather, hot days, but also water to refresh ! So, you might as well be well equipped to take full advantage of this time of year. Swimsuits, caps, sunscreen, beach rackets, or even shoes are on the list of essentials. In this article, we will see in particular which shoes to choose for the rocks. How to choose your shoes? What are the characteristics to take into account? And what type of shoes to choose according to the activities? We answer all your questions.

How to choose your shoes for the rocks ?

Good grip for safe movement

When walking, it is important to have a good grip with the ground or at least the surface on which you are moving. For this, whether walking on sand or on rocks, it is advisable to choose shoes with outsoles that are both thick and non-slip. These will allow the user to move around without too much difficulty and in complete safety, during " moving " activities. For water sports or just for walking on the beach, shoes with a thin outsole with a flat heel should be preferred. It is indeed more suitable for this type of activity.

It remains to define the type of sole, and therefore of shoe, depending on what activities you want to do.

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Cushioning for foot comfort throughout use

While it is essential that the shoe adheres well to the ground, it is also necessary that it allows the foot to be properly cushioned. Thus, to guarantee good cushioning of the foot, it is advisable to choose a shoe with a rather thick insole. It is therefore generally advisable to opt for EVA (material made from ethylene and vinyl acetate) or rubber. Thus, the user of the shoe will be able to walk on different grounds such as rocks, pebbles, but also asphalt. This without hurting yourself, or even without changing your shoes.

Note that this is a removable sole. It is therefore also quite possible to remove the sole depending on the feeling and the activity you wish to practice. Removing the insole will provide more barefoot feeling.

Unfailing foot support

Whether in the water or out of the water, on the sand or on the rocks for example, it is also essential that the foot is properly supported in the shoe. For this, the shoe models developed today are rather well thought out.

Thus, it is advisable to prefer models called " slippers ". The shoe being elastic, the foot is firmly pressed into it, and there is therefore little chance that it will move. You can also choose shoes with laces, the best thing being to have so-called "self-locking" laces. A final option is to opt for shoes equipped with adjustable straps: this allows the support to be adjusted according to the user of the shoe.

In short, there is no doubt that everyone can find what they are looking for among the different models of water shoes available on the market today.

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Why buy water shoes ?

For an easier and pleasant practice of activities of all kinds

Water shoes are the ideal accessory for all kinds of activities, especially in summer

Snorkeling, paddleboarding, surfing, or simply swimming are all examples of water activities for which it may be useful to wear water shoes.

But also for beach sports and activities, like walking on the sand, playing beach volleyball, playing badminton, or letting off steam playing soccer or rugby on the beach.

And of course, this type of shoe is also ideal for walking on rocks. Whether they are large or whether it is a beach of small pebbles or pebbles. Because what could be more unpleasant than walking on rocks and grimacing while having a good time, on a weekend or on vacation by the sea?

For the advantages of having suitable shoes

When you go to the beach, when you plan to practice a water activity or by the sea, there may be elements in the environment that make the moment less pleasant than it could be.

For example, walking on hot sand or on a pebble or pebble beach is not always very pleasant. In addition, not everyone has the same resistance to stepping on shells and other objects that one might find at the beach. It is therefore not impossible to burn yourself or injure yourself, even at the beach. So, to avoid these risks of injury, water shoes are highly recommended.

Know that there are also risks of getting injured in the water. This whether it's walking on a rock or a sharp object, or when the feet touch an aquatic animal. Thus, sea shoes can help avoid getting hurt by a sea urchin or being bitten by small fish for example.

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Finally, water shoes are an essential investment, especially when summer is approaching. Whether it's for practicing water sports, playing games or walking on the beach, or walking on rocks.

And it is important that these shoes are as suitable as possible for the user and their activities. For this, it is necessary to pay attention to the various characteristics of the shoe, among which the grip on the ground, the cushioning but also the support of the foot. choosing the right water shoes helps to limit the risk of injury, whether on the beach or in the water.

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