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▷ Which shoes for water hiking?

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▷ Which shoes for water hiking?

Synonymous with sunny days, warmth and vacations, summer often means aquatic outings. And to be able to take full advantage of it, whether solo, with family or friends, you must be adequately equipped. Swimsuit, cap, sunscreen, but also aquatic shoes must therefore be in your bag. But besides, what shoes should be favored for an aquatic hike? You will find in this article all our advice for choosing shoes suitable for this activity and the models we recommend.

Chaussures aquatiques Aquashoes pour les sports aquatiques

Choosing footwear for an aquatic hike

Planning to go snorkeling soon, but not sure how to gear up? We will see together in this first part not only the type of shoes to favor (because they are the most suitable), but also the elements to take into account to choose them well.

Why are aquashoes the most suitable shoes?

Several types of shoes can be used for aquatic hikes.

We are thinking here in particular of: basic sports shoes, trainers or even aquashoes. Of course, everyone is free to choose what suits them best, but these are undoubtedly the most suitable for outings or water activities.

Indeed, aquashoes are THE shoes to choose for this type of activity. They have many advantages over other types of shoes, which make them real allies for walking on wet, rough and uneven surfaces. We think here in particular of the fact that they are designed to resist water and to last over time despite contact that they can have either with seawater or chlorinated water. This while ensuring comfort and foot support in all circumstances.

What are the criteria for choosing water shoes?

To help you choose the best footwear for aquatic hiking, there are several selection criteria . Below is a list of these main elements:

  • good grip: aquatic hiking generally involves walking on rocks or more or less wet and regular surfaces. This is why it is important that the shoes chosen have good grip.
  • Uncompromising support: it is also essential that the shoes provide 100% support for your feet during use. It is out of the question that your arch of the foot suffers during your water hike, or that you risk twisting your ankle or more generally hurting your feet.
  • But also a flexibility of the shoe: in addition to good grip and support for the foot, flexibility is another criterion to take into account when choosing your shoe . The accessory must be flexible enough to allow you to perform all the desired movements.
  • In addition, guaranteed protection of the foot: beware of possible injuries or cuts that could occur during an aquatic hike. For this, you must opt ​​for a shoe that protects the entire foot.
  • And finally, quick-drying and wicking capacity: water hiking means wet shoes. To be able to do the entire outing in a comfortable way, it is necessary to favor water shoes made of a material that dries quickly and equipped with a rapid drainage system. Say goodbye to humidity and bad smells!

Chaussures aquatiques Aquashoes pour les sports aquatiques

Buying shoes for an aquatic hike

Now you know that aquashoes are the most suitable shoes for water hiking, and you are well aware of the main selection criteria. Let's now see together what the different types of aquashoes are, and where to buy them.

What are the different types of aquashoes?

As with swimwear, for example, there are several ranges of water shoes. Some are preferred over others depending on the need. Below is a list of the main types of aquashoes, which you can find on our online site:

  • A basic beach shoe: slip on like a slipper, the basic beach shoe is designed for use in the water or in the Waterside. Light and flexible, it can be used for simple activities such as swimming, snorkeling or walking on rocks.
  • aquatic sports shoes: of a different design than for the previous type of shoes, sports aquashoes are designed for a more sporty use like their name suggests. It is therefore towards this type of shoe that you will have to turn if you are looking for an accessory to use in the case of activity of the type: rafting, canyoning or even canoeing.
  • fashionable water shoes: more akin to sports sneakers, the latter type of shoe is generally used both in the water than out of the water for walking near the beach or the sea. Rather practical, because it then allows you not to have to change shoes between the two environments.

Where to buy water shoes?

To find your water hiking shoes, you have several options. You have the possibility of going through different channels to find the ideal accessory.

Whether in person, directly in a store: whether it's a sports store or more specifically a point of sale selling only products in the sector aquatic hiking. By choosing this option, you will undoubtedly be able to benefit from advice from knowledgeable sellers, who will help you orient yourself towards the right shoes for your needs.

Or on the web: through specialized sites selling equipment of this type, or again by equipment comparison platforms for this kind of activity. You can also visit our shop which will allow you to find and compare many models with each other. There is no doubt that you will find what you need there, whatever the activity for which you are looking for shoes, the size, but also the budget. So what are you waiting for, go check it out?

Chaussures aquatiques Aquashoes pour les sports aquatiques

Finally, when you plan to do an aquatic hike, it is important to choose good shoes. In this case, opt for aquashoes: these shoes designed specifically to be worn in the water or at the beach. You will of course have to choose a model adapted to your needs, while paying attention to elements such as: grip, support, flexibility, but also the drying and drainage capacities. All you have to do is go to the store or on the internet to choose your shoes before going on an excursion!

You can find a selection of our best models here.

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